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Post pictures of what you ate!



Who taught you how to cook anyway? Family? Self-taught?


Entirely experimentation...
When I moved away from my family to study in University, i had to start cooking.
Then i started changing stuff, and experimenting, and reading stuff online etc etc...
BTW, sometimes i still call mommy to ask for something she makes that i want to make...

Today I am thinking about either rice balls with chicken, sheppard's pie, pasta with ... something...
Have no idea...


Aw that is cute (mainly because you said 'mommy' and I read that in a weird childish voice). There are some recipes I still want to learn from my mother but because she is very busy, her way of teaching is essentially telling me what to do and expects I will automatically get it the first time when my cooking skills is rudimentary.

I tend to just learn meals on my own when I have the resources to try. I also like to understand the science behind cooking as well.


Fun fact - I wrote it in weird childish voice as well, so basically your brain works similarly to mine in that situation.


Am I the only one that sees this thread title and is tempted to go and take a crap, and then take photo of it?


Made this yesterday

10 minutes of prep


Add the random drop or 2 in random shit round the home

Like icecream

add heat to food without changing the flavor of the food. It does not have that nasty extract taste
As its literally RAW chemical heat


Was too lazy to do whatever, so I just threw a bunch of stuff in the oven...


Grilling up some Baby Back Ribs.....


Some poor excuse for chicken fajitas:


Idk what to cook tonight...

  • Omelet
  • Rice
  • Omorice
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Shepards pie
  • Something else...


Idk... Have the materials for all of those...
At the end I'll just scramble some eggs with mushrooms and call it a dinner...


looks at poll... sees spaghetti has the sole vote

Should change that right quick


I knew you are the Shepards pie vote... At the moment it got voted I knew it was you...
Just one thing - if there is a draw I will have to pick my nose and then pick the winner myself...


Oh shepards pie is great. But I had to pick something... because spaghetti... ew. Shepards pie was one of 3 choices of mine (because I don't know what Omorice is).


i love all pastas thank you very much


Omorice - it's an omelet with rice in it...

[email protected] Food Wars, making me a food nerd on top of nerd in general. .


Damn.. I was just starting to prepare the Shepards pie, when I checked the poll again and what do you know...
Spaghetti it is...
Shepards pie tomorrow I guess...



I voted spaghetti.

Long live Italiano food!


@ThatBootsGuy NOOOOOOO
Don't do that...
Tomorrow is Shepards pie. Not worth it for a spaghetti...