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Post pictures of what you ate!



Oven baked pork, rice and mushrooms...


Made this yesterday.

Provolone cheese melt with eggs and turkey breast.


Fried haloumi and pepper sauce.

Because laziness


Oh no no, haloumi is actually quite good. Fried especially...

Anyways, I am baking thick bacon, boiling some stuff for puree and preparing mushrooms for baking...
Pictures a bit later on...

Bon apetit me... Thank you, me. I'm very nice.


i could live inside that container


Right... Today I felt too lazy (and on rum), so I just put some stuff in the oven...
On one side there is oven baked chicken bites, rice and mushrooms

On the other side I have pasta with chicken and vegies...


Didn't feel like shopping, so threw stuff I had together.

Softened 3 tomatoes and 2 peppers in olive oil, diced and added a few garlic cloves, then added frozen spinach and a chicken stock cube. Poured about 200ml of water and let it boil down, then added the cooked pasta.

Bone apple tea


Lentil soup made into a stew...
Pics in about half an hour cause it's still boiling...

PS: I have a buddy, that is helping me cook...


Same shit, different day, but with 50% more provolone cheese.

I forgot how awesome provolone cheese is.


it's a good melter


Provolone is pretty good, but may I suggest you get some Havarti.


both are great to use in combination for a epic grilled cheese


Never tried Havarti. Will put that on cheeses to try out. You know a good brand you recommend?


Sargento was pretty good, can't think of any better brands though as I don't go food shopping often.


Sargento is that real Winsconsin cheese. Nothing better

/biased comment


sargento is so mainstream. you never heard of the harvati i use.


The swiss make the best cheese. That is an alternative fact.


That is what I love about it. It doesn't get messy no matter how much heat it absorbs and the chewy nature is great.


What Havarti do you use?


haha, what ever's at trader joes.