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Post pictures of what you ate!



Depends on how the restaurant or you prepare it. I like tofu with the noodles as the broth (mixed with other ingredients ) adds more flair to the taste.

You can prepare some pretty easily, just go to a Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Asian shop most should have some form of it. The easiest way is to cook it(sliced into medium sized cubes) with green onions and some form of a sliced up chicken breast or pork.

Raw tofu has a plain flavor.
Some people like to cook the tofu (sliced up) with pork that is cut up into tiny pieces.
Other people like to use it in soups.
Other places cook meat then reuse the oil/fat in the pot to cook tofu inside of the pot.
Some restaurants have spicy tofu usually look for a Orange or red sauce.


Oh, i'm in the local food industry for a few years now and i haven't heard of any local place serving it, so i probably gona go and check some of the big store chains and try and prepare it myself.


my bland looking wensday dinner ... was tasty: mostly savoy cabbage with onions, garlic, tomatoes, chillis

pork bites, added a good portion of hotsauce later


pork, mushrooms and rice with some rum...


If you can't tell what it is - I don't blame you...
Sheppard's pie... That's a Sheppard's pie...


The important question is was it good?


Oh you have no idea... I made it the way i like it. There are mushrooms and all kinds of veggies under the potatoes. And a lot of ground meat...
Yes, i made it good.


I would use all of my likes on this if I could... sounds amazing


It's just a Sheppard's Pie... Nothing special...


But I really like sheppard's pie... lel


Who doesn't?


chicken pho


I beg your pardon?


vietnamese soup


Sounds pretty good


no chopsticks, my asian card is getting revoked


Roasted a Chicken, served with pasta.


I'd post one of @kewldude007 for what he's done to my son.


Joined 4 minutes ago, Ok bud


You owe my son an account!