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Post pictures of what you ate!



Garlic chicken bytes with spices and onions and garlic rice with vegetables...


That was probably the bacon oil I was scrapping out from a different plate. The sandwich itself wasn't actually greasy.


Peas stew with chicken bites in it and home made pita bread...


Teriyaki NY Strip with sticky rice, am I doing it right?


..... snacks.


hell yeah


No... It's raw on the inside.
Also you need to send samples to evaluate your cooking :D


got some ribs in the oven, it's raining.


Today, grilled chicken breast splashed with Franks and Mac n Cheese.


those ribs i was talking about.
i sauced them sorry.

i made 3 racks so i had too much left over, made a fried rice with it

it was meh.


minestrone from olive garden haha


clam chowder from some fish place near work

also got grilled tilapia


I miss minestrone... I will make myself one. Thank you for the idea :)


Am I Instagramming right?

Gotta love grapes while waiting in the library before lab starts.


Friday dinner:

Saturday dinner:

pork neck and a mix of hotsauce, sweet mustard, avocado, onions, garlic, totamtos, jalapenos, ...

Sunday dinner:

beef bites with shrooms


short tube pasta with meat sauce for lunch

sloppy joe for din din


would you mind doing a quick trip to germany bringing me dinner?!


Well, I was too lazy to peal some potatoes to make proper meat and potatoes, so I baked the meat

Then made some macaroni and pan fried them with vegetables and other stuff...



shredded up 2 chickens
added egg noodles

boiled up some bullion and carrots and celery

mix all this shit in a pot

let it cook


looks great man!

what spices did you use