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Post pictures of what you ate!



it was pretty good


sole fish in spicy garlic sauce (too saucy)


pork chop i cooked, sliced into the fat to help it render more when cooking

used thermal probe (bbq temp probe) to cheat my way to deliciousness (juicy as all hell)


classic(for me) wing plate at Gus's


Made my first grilled cheese melt today. Toppings are bacon and sardine omelette. Cheese is American though I wish I had something better.


Sardine.. Omelette.. Melt?


The description and the pictures confuse me. What have you done again?


Melt is a grilled cheese sandwich with extra toppings to it like lettuce, bacon, ham, tomato, etc.

Grilled cheese has no toppings whatsoever. Just bread, shortening, and cheese. Some people are really strict about that.

I used American Cheese for my melt because I had no other cheese to use. I mashed the sardines into small bits and add it to the egg I was frying. Added bacon because bacon.


ok ninja turtle


was soo guud.


Would you like pizza with your pepperoni?


Time to open a food cart with this gimmick


Tagliatelle bolognese...


Popeyes Red Beans and Rice


A delicious slice of heart burn. Nice.


a not pizza ... the 'crust' is a mix of canned tuna and egg.

and yesterdays shrooms


Chicken bites with oven baked potatoes, bean stew and home made pita bread with cheese...


peanut butter mochi


Did a better job with the melt due to better ingredients. Used Colby Jack cheese instead of filthy American cheese. Got some black forest ham, chicken breast, bacon, and fried egg. Used mayonnaise instead of butter for shortening. Was fucking delicious!


looks greasy af