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Post pictures of what you ate!



Made Linguine with Meatballs for lunch.


When with southern food today.

Collard greens, cornbread and cheese grits.


I just baked some pork, mushrooms and rice for about an hour...


ate some fried chicken with garlic mash and house salad

then i ate some burger and fries


What? No Tuna Casserole? I'll fix that... And Tuna Casserole is just no good, without a frozen Coke slushie to accompany it...


Because I'm broke and fat piece of shit I eat some rice with soy sauce and brokkly. Doesn't look like much but does taste really good.


I am still wondering should I say "You monster", or maybe "Blasphemy", could go with "Abomination"... So many choices...


Just a potato stew...


sounds far inferior to a 7-11 slurpee... if it's the same quality then @psycho_666 has some learning to do because slurpees are fantastic (personally I'm not a huge fan of the cola flavor, I like the cherry).


Hey! What can I say? I have to improvise and work with what I've got, since I live in the sticks. Wyoming was supposed to be getting a couple of 7-Elevens at the end of the summer about 270 and 300+ miles away from me.

It better be a darn good Slurpee for me to travel that kind of distance. :-)


I agree... But he doesn't have a slurpee, does he? He have just frozen a bottle of coke. Have you ever tried to freeze a carbonated drink and try to slurp it up after that?
Slurpees are nice. Frozen coke is abominable monstrosity...


Made an oval burger cause I only had hot dog buns, mac n cheese on the side.




I've been unwell for almost three weeks (started right before Christmas which was bitch because I couldn't enjoy it) and I didn't eat much during that time, so now that I'm better I went overboard on a McDonald's breakfast. I got 4 Bacon and Egg McMuffins and a Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Cream from Costa Coffee.


A green tea Kit Kat. It wasn't bad!


And they said my frozen Coke was just wrong... :-)


It's early days yet. I raised an eyebrow at it before trying it but was surprised


This thread could go very bad, very fast


I had the Wasabi KitKat when I was in Japan a few years ago


How was it?