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Post pictures of what you ate!



I made this last night for Dinner


boss made us food
beans, potato salad, bbq chicken tenders, beef sausages, mac n cheese, and..


then i ate ramen for dinner


Just scrambled eggs and ground pork...


Paper towel is were it's at



steak roulade, aka how to wow ppl without much work.

Thin cut steaks marinated for 3 hours in olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, clove of garlic or so with dash of salt /pepper. Lined with ham slices, provolone slices, shredded parm and a little bit of chopped basil

Just put them on the grill and bam, that woman of your dreams with think you fancy as hell and got your life together. (Little does she know)


seriously, just go buy a crockpot

its only about 4 hours in.
but by morning... mmm


I've seen some butchered spellings of Worcestershire sauce but I think that one takes the cake.

Putting that aside, the food looks pretty damn good (too bad I don't like Worcestershire sauce).


Idk what your talking about cough cough

Was on phone, it said it was right lol


I have not ate it yet, but I am starting now...
Caramel soy sauce chicken with rice and vegetables...


Adding some pasta and meat balls, dinner is served


OK, here is my new thing...
I got a large chunk of meat, poked a few holes in it and fill them up with carrots, garlic, pepper etc... Then baked that thing. I don't know the English name for it.

I also sauted some mushrooms for garnish...


Chicken strips


Chicken sausage alfredo


They're called "pikante Bissen" (loosely translated "savory bites"). A tradition in my family for new year's eve and a small snack. For lunch I had Serbian bean soup (homemade).


Lamb/Bison and provolone meatloaf with homemade Siracha ketchup.

Cheddar biscuits and green beans.


Pikante means spicy...


Don't Google "Pikante" .... Worst decision of life.

Was Googling to see if it was the same meaning as Picante...aka spicy. Ended up with lots of pictures of wrapped sauages of sorts..


Curiosity kills the cat... I googled it. Amazing...


Chicken thigh bites, fried with eggs and soy sauce, mushrooms and mashed potatoes...