Post pictures of what you ate!

made more bread it somehow magically disappears in the blink of a eye. baguettes this time insert french joke here


Pork loin and pork neck chops with some beer potatoes…

And home made bread…


Pork and green beans…


Baby Back Ribs //or pork loin back ribs if you’re not somewhere that refers to them as baby back.

Didn’t do a slow smoke on these. Just a relatively quick 1.5hrs at 350f on the smoker.

Most of the time I don’t care for ribs, but these weren’t very fatty at all and turned out pretty good. Just hit them with seasoning salt and pepper, and then near the end put some BBQ sauce on 'em.


Chicken legs in barbecue sauce and baked potatoes.


My grandmother used to cook chicken breasts like that, and cook peeled and halved potatoes in the same dish. Ahhhh that was so good. I might have to make that this week.

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Yep, I’m going to put it back in the oven with some raw potatoes cut up small. There’s only 2 legs left so there is room for potatoes now. The “gravy” tasted really good with fried potatoes so I figure cooking in the sauce will work very well.