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Post pictures of what you ate!



Pre-release version:

It’s pork chops I’m gonna stuff with cheese and ginger and mushrooms and red peppers and all sorts of shit…


Release version:

Some of the cheese melted out of the pockets and into the wine sauce…


Your house is so fucking nice.


Thanks fam :wink:


There’s one benefit to not living with the wife for a time: I get to eat mint things!


I’m with your wife on this one.


You don’t live here either, and you’re less attractive.


see, shouldn’t have posted that, now you are getting judged by the forum :wink:

(also I have no idea what that is)


Mint ice-cream… I want some…


Leftover stuffing from yesterday, stir-fried with some more pork and made into orzo…


Scrambled eggs, roasted veggies, green onions and smashed avocado topped with Greek yogurt (shut up Pete) and cheesy taquitos!


I don’t know what this is, but I want it.


They are taquitos that are cheesy.

Taquitos are small tortillas rolled up with a filling and deep fried.


Cheese + deep fried, say no more.


Why did your post get more likes than my actual post of taquitos??? :worried:


I tried this:

But I lazied it out and ended up with this:

I didn’t cut it… I told you i lazied it out …
Also made pork and veggies stir fry…


Not technically what I ate but what we are going to eat … (although a couple of cookies got sacrificed strictly for testing purposes :wink:)

nougat dough filled with nougat :grin:


Chicken soup… No really, this is chicken soup. Lazy one. I threw everything i had in a pot and bam - chicken soup…


Haven’t eaten it yet, but will report back:


Just finished this lovely pile of steamed broccoli and poblano pepper topped with leftover field roast queso and spicy veggie sausage patties. It was delicious.