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Post pictures of what you ate!



Damn you, now look at what you made me get as an afterwork snack.
Hashtag instafilter!


cocks battlerifle


Leftover chili with a slab of beer bread and some egg nog.


The brownies I made was complete failure. Absolute complete irredeemable failure. I will not post pictures of them.
This is the first time I am actually throwing away food I have made. And it’s a desert. I hate making deserts, other than creme caramel…


Pic or it didn’t happen, read the title Pete.


If you think “well that looks pretty nice”, com here and try to scrape them off the tin foil.
I took a few pieces away with the foil and tried to peel it off… Nope.
Also, I burned it on the top, but that us the smallest of all the issues…
My dinner is in the oven now and hopefully I won’t have time throw it away as well…




Well, my brownies might have been shit, but at least my dinner is alright…


I also had some brownie today, was delicious and looked much nicer than yours.




Yeah, the brownies turned out awful… Still felt like I had to give an update after the whole poll banana thing… The bread on the other hand - man, the dough was soft, the crust was thin, it tasted well, it wasn’t raw even in the middle with all the onions and meat…

Nope. Luchnik. Just used brown dough instead of white dough. Im on a brown bread wave. It tastes better…


Close enough


Somewhat. Luchnik is just plain bread with meat and onions inside…
Tutmanik is usually with cheese… But yes, it’s again a flavored bread.


Somebody answer me…
Why do I have so many packs of rice and why are they all opened?

By the way there is one that isn’t open and I’m gonna open it now :smiley:


I keep my rice in a glass jar.


It usually doesn’t last long in my kitchen…
So today I made pork chops with orange garlic honey sauce and jasmine rice…

Bon appetite to me :smile:


My best guess … that’s why. ^


That’s actually a good idea. I use glass jars for all sorts of stuff but for some reason I usually re-seal the plasic bags the rice comes in.


i buy rice in 20-30lbs bags and use for about 5-6 months


Here’s tonight’s treat - pork and peppers pasta…

It’s pork and peppers stir fry served on a bed of pasta…
As simple as it gets. Beyond delicious…