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Post pictures of what you ate!



1x large onion head
5x mushrooms
1x large tomato
100gr. white cheese
Salt and pepper.

PS: Shit i’m stupid…
3x eggs…


Cook something please. Veggies must be part of your diet, it’s their season. Okay maybe not now as you may be lazy to go shopping but for tomorrow.

I was thinking - should i tell him he is missing the eggs ? :smiley:


Mexican salad… Mexican cause it have beans in it…
Also tomatoes, onions and red peppers.


Vantablack ice cream


Dafuq is this made out of?


Looks like coconut ash.


You mean the shell? Cause the “meat” of a coconut is white, right?


That’s why it’s ash (activated charcoal trend). But it could be the shell.


Yep, it was very tasty.


In Bulgaria we call it “Drusan kebap”. It literally means shaken kebab… Meat and onion, fried… I just added mushrooms, because mushrooms, and a dried chilly pepper, cause dried chilly pepper.
I also tried to make rice with green peas, but it became green peas with rice…

It’s so good, it’s not even funny…


Sorry for the bad quality. I need to clean up my desk.

Microwave Chicken Alfredo from Vons. It’s pretty good. If I were to improve anything it would be more sauce, less cheese. There’s a lot of cheese, but it’s hard to see because I mixed it in. Would be better with more sauce.

Mammoth Brewing 395. Double IPA with juniper berries and sage. It’s unique in a good way; not something I get all the time, but I enjoy it.


Basil flavored crepes with tomato sauce and white cheese…


Side of chinese mouse with potato pancakes.

Need to learn how to make pies, I’d love to make a creamy steak pie… hmmm. Anyway tried this again to see how big I could get it and this this is as big as my face.


Haven’t eaten them yet, but they should be good after a day or 2. Pickled cucumbers and peppers.


Fuck yeah!


Breakfast was this monster of a peach cobbler:

No photos of lunch, just another wrap anyway :wink:

Dinner is this prepackaged Chick’n Florentino and it’s pretty awesome, although I added red pepper flakes, smoked paprika, ground pepper and garlic powder:


This one is 2 days ago.

And this is from tonight.



Braised ribs


Rice with sausage is something I haven’t done is so many years… And I remember this flavor from my childhood…


never ate it before I made it :smiley: has some soy sauce and tabasco in it.