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Post pictures of what you ate!



It was cheap and we are poor, so my mom used to make it often… A sausage, onions, maybe some tomatoes, spices and the rice… Crazy good despite how simple it is…


Yeah true, it’s really cheap and tasty.


Cookies are unsweetened almond+coconut flour + egg and butter ‘cookies’, pretty sure overall snack was keto friendly.


Oohhhh :frowning:


you can put artificial sweeteners in it. I’m of the opinion that for myself, just tasting sweet triggers an insulin response- I don’t have a sweet tooth so I’m good with it being more of a biscuit. I’ve made them with some kind of artificial and real sugar mix, it was good, but I didn’t need it for the next batches.


The not carbonara. (Pasta carbonara in Italy has no cream).
Large shells are an awesome delivery mechanism for tasty cheesy warm goodness. Any dry pasta will do, any tri color pasta looks great with cheesy things.

(<$5 pp; <30min), difficulty level 2/5 (easy, needs pot and pan, but not too time sensitive, easy clean, rewarding taste, hard to go wrong, plenty of variations possible), about 850 kcal/pp (~half daily food for lazy folk).

For 2 people:

200g Dried conchiglioni rigati pasta (2.29/500g) - 15min in boiling water, use large pot. Once done get water out, leave pasta in for later.

180g bacon lardons ($1) - put on a hot flat pan as hot as you can get, done in <5min or when reduced to about half size usually or when browning starts, once done put over pasta in pasta pot. In this price range they tend to pump it full of nitrates to make it last longer in store, that makes it salty and full of water which makes it take longer to prepare, check the labels get something not too salty if possible. Do not add extra salt anywhere. Do not oil the pan (moving lardons around for the first 10s should have them render enough fat to not burn).
Wash pan immediately, no rush.

200g Greek feta ($1.29) - cut into smaller cubes easier to melt, put over still warm pasta and bacon in the pasta pot.
150g Soft spreadable goat cheese ($1.99) - put it in as well

Pot in which you cooked pasta, is now full of tasty stuff that’s all separate, mix a little, make the cooker at 1/3 heat, and keep mixing for another 2-4minutes, you want the cheeses to melt, and everything to warm up, but you don’t want cheeses to stick.

Pour immediately, rince pot immediately after pouring to prevent cheese residue sticking.

Season with dry herb spice mix.

Oh and if you have a crappy electric cooker at a place you’re renting that doesn’t get warm quickly, (pasta water should take no more than 2-4 min to boil) Ikea sells nice cheap portable induction units that ain’t half bad. Alternatively, get boiling water from kettle into the pot, wait to boil again after pouring in pasta.

Also, if you’re into wine, this is slightly salty and enough fatty it just begs for red wine, if not get water on the side, you should be drinking plenty of water anyway.



Cast iron is the bestest.


Shoyu Ramen

Made entirely from scratch. Except the noodles.

Made the broth by hand and everything.
the egg should’ve had a runnier yolk so I’ll fix that for next time.
I can share the recipe if anyone’s interested.


I am interested, btw did you put the eggs in a ice bath right after you took them of the warm water ?


I just boiled them too long. After which, they get marinated to add flavor and color.


If there are a lot of Asian specific ingredients - I don’t want to know… If there are mostly common ones - yes, I’ll gladly ignore a couple I can’t find locally and use the rest.


It is a 2 day process. Most odd ingredients like fish cake, kombu and bonito flakes you can find in your local asian market.


I don’t have a local Asian market…




No amazon in Bulgaria either but at least in my city there are plenty of asian shops.


If I can give you an advice about the egg, it would be to roll it around a few times so the yolk positions itself in the middle and not stay on the side like this one…
Basically drop it slowly in boiling water and roll it around a few times. The white will harden a bit and then you can leave it… Just after dropping give it a few rolls…


Thanks! I’ll give that a try


Free breakfast at day 2 of orientation at Dream Job ™

This feels so crazy.

Scrambled eggs, roasted garlic potatoes, tofu hash and veggie sausage.


Homemade veggie soup by the GF