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Post pictures of what you ate!



Only one issue with that… Why you sliced the cucumbers?


Because I like pickle slices? Also you can fit way more cucumbers in a jar this way. Otherwise there’d be like three each… at best. There are something like 12 cucumbers in three jars here.


Please for the love in cucumbers use cornichon cucumbers.


Last year we had pickling cukes… and got way too many. This year (the wife says they’re monsour, she thinks) we grew these ones. There are still too many to eat. So they are what they are and they’ll get eaten either way :stuck_out_tongue:


Make tarator. Still its better to pickle them instead of throwing them out.


Here I am just wanting some pickled cayenne peppers. I should try growing those :0


Don’t worry, there are still more coming…




From top to bottom and from left to right what am I looking at in your picture ?


Prim, cheese, honey, shrimp salad, banana and peanut butter.


That and Prim I was unsure what is it.




Prim is soft caramelized cheese, shrimp salad is shrimp with mayo and white beets.


Just some pickled peppers… not entirely sure what variety, but I’m pretty sure they’re green cayenne.


In a minor celebration of my trip tomorrow I made vegan (Beyond Meat Beyond Burger) burgers on the grill with tomato and kale from the garden, spicy pickles made with cucumbers and cayennes also from the garden, and some nice sprouted whole grain buns. It was delicious.


Tomatoes, onions and cheese salad

Something, named “the strandja meal”… It’s beef, spicy sausage (on the bottom of the clay pot), potatoes, chilly pepper, tomatoes, standard non chilly pepper and onions. All fried and then baked in Clay pot…
Beyond delicious…


I call that: Dinner…


@ThatBootsGuy hungry as always… were you waiting for this post so you can like it first ?

@psycho_666 yummy lookin but can I has list of ingredients ?


I’ve had nothing to eat today… it’s now 5pm… guess I’ll make some mac and cheese