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Post pictures of what you ate!



had a bbq to celebrate my bday this past weekend


Happy birthday :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best.
How old are you now?


37 :cold_sweat:


Only 4 and a half older than me…


flies by man, time is really accelerating at this point.

might as well enjoy good food :slight_smile:


Dinner the other night was a southwest style mock chicken wrap with kale from the garden, hummus, tomato and this amazing mango-chili pepper goat cheese we found at Costco:

@anarekist I’ll be 36 in a couple months, feeling your pain :wink:


See, that’s exactly my thinking.
I can get hit by a car tomorrow while coming to work. I rather not regret missing on that chocolate cake…
Now I want chocolate cake :smiley:




Rice boiled in coconut milk, with mango.


step 1/#: avocado + cream cheese mashed together, salsa for flavor, cilantro/other spices.

step #/end: cook meat as usual, add cream cheese mix, add beans/cheese, tortilla on side like legit Mexican food. Beer on side <3

if vegimitarian no meat, is still good. Sorry am quite drunk tonight <3


Dinner was yet another wrap (seriously, I probably have at least one per day on average) with spinach, tomato, mango-pepper goat cheese and vegan bbq “wings”:


Pork loin, mushrooms, onions and eggplant, all grilled, with some toast and beer…


@psycho_666 @Trikstari @cekim

Holy crap the souffle came out awesome!

Duck is still cooking will be dinner in a few hours


Damn… Looks quite good :slight_smile: Now make Windows 10 that good…


I am not a miracle worker lol.


You are Microsoft… I can also ask you to make Xbox not ship, but I don’t care about Xbox…



I will be having brisket burgers for dinner.


Sounds tasty.

Ok this duck is insane. Served with mashed potatoes and sweat pea puree.


Looks delicious.

You can keep the pea puree lol. (I don’t like most green veggies)