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Post pictures of what you ate!



Damn this got me drooling.


Don’t blade me if you break your vegetarian streak, lol.

The skin: holy mother of Linux Torvalds, it is good.

Cooking duck for 24 hours @ 158F yields great results.

This may be the best thing I have ever made.


Better post those burgers.


Wraps with vegan soy free “pulled pork”, kale, avacodo, cucumber and tomato.

I’ve named it

The Millenial


5/10 Not enough kale



G’s enchiladas!


Forget to take the photo before digging in? :thinking:


Damn right.


The entire reason I don’t post in this thread


Vegan Eggs, Beyond Sausage, “Texas” Toast, salsa, Follow Your Heart Mozzarella


I’m going to need more information on that sausage :grin:

Paging @psycho_666

Breakfast today is scrambled eggs over feta cheese and tomato on a bed of beet greens from the garden and topped with Greek yogurt.


What are those eggs made of again?



Soy paste?


Weird, I’m usually not too fond of soy products.


faltened panko pork chops

did some pickles while i was at it.


deboned deep fried half chicken and sweet potato fries

and some mash


sausage spinach pizza


salted pepper chicken wangs


I see eggplant there…

So I don’t see eggplant :frowning:

I can’t help there, buddy…


Chicken and pea stew…

I really wanted to make a lasagna. I was ready to make the dough and everything… Then I went to the store and they had no eggs. I could have just gone to a different store, but then I looked around and noticed the peas… Man, I haven’t had peas in a while…