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Post pictures of what you ate!



Greek yogurt with muesli and honey.


biscuit with sausage gravy, a pan roasted duck breast, and an over easy fried egg on top


Vegan TLT (tempeh, lettuce and tomato) sandwich, vegan “rice crispy” bar (but with cashews), and a not vegan protein shake for lunch, had at a rest stop in Minnesota (not bought at the rest stop, mind).


As an old man carnivore Im going to have to post my 0.5Kg steak with cheese,onion,tomato and egg stacked up!


This was such a winner that I went for it again @anon37156419
These veggie sausages are amazing, filled with chili and cheese



Had some old bread. Made croutons. Soaked them in eggs and milk, added cheese, some spices… Bam…
Beyond delicious.


Also, creme caramel with way way WAY too much sugar…


It looks like toasted butter… a giant dish of toasted butter…


What brand?


@Steinwerks could you teach me your heath-nut ways?


It’s a Norwegian grocery store brand; Coop.


Mostly it came from being fat. I was 186lbs and I’m only 5’7".

I started watching what I ate through a tracking app (without modifying my diet) and then cut 500 calories, and started focusing on foods with lower glycemic values and higher protein with lower carbs. I also started doing short high intensity interval training sessions in the basement four times a week, and after about eight months I had lost over 40lbs.

I’m back to eating the equivalent caloric intake (about 2800) as when I was ~180lbs but with more protein and fewer carbs, and am finally gaining weight again but I’ve been slacking in the gym department as work has been crazy and the weather is warm enough to work on the house, so it still isn’t the weight I want to be gaining.

I hit a low of about 134lbs and am at 142.6lbs as of today. This past weekend really didn’t help - I gained two pounds just eating out at all the places I miss in Minneapolis!

TL;DR - watch what you eat, reduce your carbs (I go for a maximum of 300 and aim for ~250g per day), exercise. There are free HIIT apps that are good motivators, and those workouts generally take less than half an hour and can be done anywhere.

Oh, and be honest with your tracking! No one else is going to care, you have to not lie to yourself even when it’s tempting to not count that beer you had at dinner. I still struggle with this from time to time.


I did similar things a few years ago, sans app, and went from 265 pounds down to a low of 175 pounds in the span of about a year. Granted I’m back up to 205 now since I moved to a desk job and have been eating like shit recently, but if I could get back to 175-185 like I was for a couple years again I’d be happy.


I just found the app (that came on my phone) to be incredibly handy. It eliminated excuses, and for me that’s really helpful because I’m good at making excuses.


I did old school pen and paper. Also kept track of fluids at the same time.


What are some of your favorite spots in the MPLS area?

Also, what app?


Modern Times for brunch, the Seward Cafe (actually that was my first job when I moved there at 23), The Triple Rock is gone now, so I can’t count that anymore, Muddy Waters, Caffrey’s for their awesome mock chicken sub, May Day Cafe, Chatterbox Pub, Grumpy’s Downtown and NE… too many places to visit in a weekend.

The app is just Samsung Health. It has a ton of foods already in the database and you don’t actually need a login to use it (unlike MyFitnessPal). I know they’re mining that data but whatever, maybe I can make Americans seem less unhealthy or be some statistically anomalous blip in their analysis :smirk:


In that heat - salad…
Tomatoes, cucumber and white cheese with herbal oil (just a sunflower oil with some herbs in it)…

And beer. But I don’t really eat the beer…


New Halo Top flavor! Peaches and Cream. Not amazing but hell it’s still ice cream :smiley:


Pizza carbonara with mushrooms…