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Post pictures of what you ate!



Simple: if atHome == true { status = naked; }



Are those beets? If so I’ll have to pass this idea on to the wife.

I hate the things but she loves 'em.


Never forget the banana :banana:


Yeah buddy. It makes the drink sweeter in some respects. And they’re really good for you.

My main take away from The Office (U.S.)


Hell yeah


Chicken lasagna and pork with vegetables…


if hot oil == true { status = clothes; }



Banza chickpea pasta shells with broccoli, mushrooms, raw red onions, pesto and Beyond Meat mock chicken strips:


Ham and cheese omelet…
It’s flatter than my sense of humor, but I’ll take it.


I mean, it’s no Tom Holland…


Yeah :frowning:


yo someone got a better camera :slight_smile:


No, it’s still my 3 years old phone. I don’t have money for a decent camera.


Vegetarian hot dogs with hot dog breads from our family bakery


Man, sometimes a hotdog or burger with just bread and ketchup really hits the spot.

Looks incredible


Lunch today was a salad with mixed greens, mushrooms, cucumber, red onions, smoked mozzarella and topped with a chopped up black bean patty with shiitake sesame dressing. Pretty good!


Vegan eggs, provolone (also fake :D), strawberry jam, Dave’s killer bread, Naked Blue Machine




I didn’t come up with the name :grin:


Taste and smell like the real thing.


You know I still need to try these. They came out with this product after I had quit veganism but I still dabble, and all the FYH products are great IMO.


Agreed. Really how I’m able to do the whole plant based thing without going insane. Brb Ranch, Cheese, and eggs. Essentially what I’ve eaten every day except for Chinese Food :grin:

We have Gardein for that lol. Their porkless bites and mandarin chick’n is to legit go to war over.