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Post pictures of what you ate!



I am fascinated by the very concept of veganism in general. Not eating meat is one thing, but milk and eggs and everything…
Do they come with shells and everything? The full unboxing experience…



So, the carton itself looks like it houses four eggs. I open the drawer, “Sheeennn!”, need to grease that slider, I think to myself. The sticker is thin and flimsy enough that a butter knife will suffice with severing it.

Tick, tat, tat, tat, tat the knife skips through the sticky paper. There are two protruding nubs that are keeping the box in place. I push them in, gently, and with my thumb, flick the box open. Inside…

A white plastic bag? :confused:

I open the bag to find yellow/off white, SMELLY, powder.

Two Tbsp and 1/2 cup of ice cold water makes 1 (large) egg :grin:


I have lately been going broke over buying Beyond Meat products. Dying to find their new sausages, but every time we’re near the closest Whole Foods they’re sold out. And that’s in Iowa!


Didn’t know that was a thing! We buy their burgers all the time. Before we did Boca.

After we ate them for the first time, I dug the box out of the trash. Couldn’t believe it was fake. They “sweat” while getting cooked, and are a perfect medium rare.

Never going to eat Mushroom Steaks again :joy:


These things look damn near creepy:


Error. Error. Can’t compute.


FTFY :grin:

The way I look at it, every T.V., Film, or game SciFi universe I ever wanted to live in used plants to mimic food, so I’m just preparing for the future :smiley:


So disappointed. I thought they would make artificial yolks and whites and somehow put them in an artificial shell. Obviously not…


Nah, that wouldn’t be very “green”, which a lot of Plant Based people aim to assist with. Some evidence suggest it’s effective, others contest the idea.


Twice in one day for me, cause there is a lot of downtime today lol


Wow, this is not a good thread to scroll through when you forget to bring your lunch to work…


Rice noodles with satay sauce.


Think I’m going to have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.


Awww yeah. Fresh from the store.

@Steinwerks @tsk u jelly?


Those are some thiiiiicc sausages.


Hell yeah. The fat girl in me couldn’t resist this today


God damn you got me hungry.


Damn right I am. I’ll have to grab a few packages in the Twin Shitties while I’m up there this weekend :wink:


@tsk you made me crave corn like crazy when you shared.


Potato gratin with bacon… Turned out a bit dry, but I don’t mind…