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Post pictures of what you ate!



Interesting never tried them before. If I see them in the market I will give them a try.


Highly recommend it!

I’m not militant about it, but plant based diets have helped me physically and mentally more than any other fad has. I used to be super strict, plants, roots, and grains only, not cooked over 160 degrees, etc.

I’ve gotten more laxed, for hopefully obvious reasons :wink:

But I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, more fit, more energized and focused. Once in a while I splurge on sugary crap but mostly I eat clean, no animal product and no dairy.


Burrito Mojado. Carne asada, cilantro, onions, rice, spicy salsa, cheeeeese


I just tried to find it at the local store, but they didn’t have it. I’ve had the MorningStar black bean burgers before, and liked them… not as a hamburger – but they were good as their own thing.

Either way… looks tasty buried under that cheese.


It was delicious


Jerks! It was a new one for me so maybe they don’t think they’ll have the market for it? Nearby grocery store is in a college town so that may make a difference.

Nice render! How long did it take?

Yes yes, I know it’s not a render.


Cheddar Asiago Mac and Cheese with roasted jalapeno and garlic.

Side salad with baslamic dressing


Don’t have a picture, but ate food from a Michelin Star restaurant today. The chef was a previous Bocuse d’Or winner. Fancy as hell.
Might be something you’d like @psycho_666


Damn… That must’ve been expensive as hell…
What was it? Describe the dish for us, mortals, please :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t say :smiley:


It was a three course, I’m a bit drunk now but OK.
Starter was monkfish with some purré and some veggies.
Main course was wild sheep, gratin potatoes, some fancy mushroom and veggies.
Dessert was cream cheese, raspberry and passion fruit sorbet + salty caramel sauce with chocolate.


Get sober and I demand proper description :rofl:


Everytime I come to this thread I feel like i’m missing out :slight_smile:


Dude… This…
I mean…



First: thank you. That’s quite a stylish looking menu.
Second: it would have been even better without that stain next to the drinks and
Third: nice nail polish… The color fits the menu. Hope it fits your shoes and purse colors as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Blame the waiter, spilling the precious wine.

GF says thanks :wink:


Well now we’ve failed in learning something new about you. I for one am disappointed.


Sausage roll…

Yeah, there’s a sausage inside…


Vegan schnitzel


DAFUQ’s in it?