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Post pictures of what you ate!



There is cooking chocolate. The one you can buy and eat is melting just from the warmth of your hands, but the one for cooking is keeping his shape and really needs high temperatures to melt properly.
I think your safest bet are the so called chocolate chips.




@tsk I’ll raise you banana, and add beets, kale, pea protein, and OJ :sunglasses:


@tsk @AdminDev

Glad to see other smoothies here!

Mine’s a banana, unsweetened vanilla Ripple, some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, crunchy peanut butter and vanilla Vega Protein & Greens. Looks terrible; is awesome.


Heyo, Ripple is my jam. I say pea protein instead of pea milk because some just don’t understand lmao.

Unsweetened vanilla and regular unswettened are what I generally use.


Mine has pea protein too, but I made it too thick, was a bit hard to get down.


Slowly trying to kill myself


Hey at least it has Vitamin B, so that oughta count for something.


No such thing :sunglasses:

Looked awesome though. I’ll check that stuff out.

The B stands for Death :no_mouth:


Polenta, that didn’t turn out good at all with meatballs and tomato sauce…


In the oven as we speak


Interesting. Never thought about corn on pizza.


You should see our vegetarian pizza (at the restaurant), it have peas on it as well as corn. AFAIK in US people don’t really use Tuna on pizza as well…


Stuffed peppers with rice and ground pork. I made some pesto on the side to help flavor things up.


Cinnamon cacao coffee cookies…
Freshly baked.


English Breakfast! I think? Maybe a stereotype.

Vegan eggs, toast, vegan mozzarella.


It’s a zucchini pie thing. It’s not bad, but now that I know what I done wrong I can massively improve on it.


More open-face burgers!

Spotted these Morningstar Farms “Meat Lovers” vegan burgers at the store the other day and had to try them. Coupled with Dave’s Killer Bread (not a gaming-specific branding), some kale, tomato, pine nut hummus and topped with Tillamook smoked medium cheddar:

Paging @AdminDev as perhaps the only other person here who would be interested in these patties specifically.


whats the difference between vegan eggs and mozzarella and normal ones ? Also is that jelly on the toast ? there is something reddish on it for sure.


Wheat and gluten instead of animal product, usually. Taste wise there is little difference. Maybe there is, but my memory can’t tell.

And yeah, grape jelly lol.