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Post pictures of what you ate!



Soy protein and some other shit. Tastes pretty good.


Kinda looks like a fish stick.


The texture is similar to a pork schnitzel.


I wasn’t aware that this was very popular over there. Didn’t see any specific options in the (admittedly very few) grocery stores we went to in Bergen and Oslo.


There aren’t many options, we’re way behind the states, but it’s gaining momentum. It’s damn expensive though.

Also it’s frowned upon to not eat meat and dairy.


Fun fact… Locally manufacturers mix ground meat with soy because it’s cheaper to produce than actual meat…


Well farmed meat was never sustainable for billions of people so…


Oh that happens here too. It’s called fast food.


Eggs on toast with beans, not much to beat it for breakfast


Made a modified vegetable tikka masala with tofu cutlet, black beans, red bell pepper, riced cauliflower and sugar snap pea pods for lunches this week:


What we locally call “Mixed Grill”. Basically sausages, pates, all kinds of stuff. With some zucchini and onion rings.
I tried to make buns for burgers, but they didn’t turn out good, and I forgot to buy mayo, so I just ate all individual components.


Banza Mac & Cheese with broccoli and Tofurky Italian Sausage… mmm…


Made some smash burgers with homemade sauce, arugula, carmelized onions, and tomatoes.


Toilet-install celebration ice cream:


Shrimp thats been sitting in garlic and pepper with cilantro added near the end.


Smoothie with cashew and Ripple pea protein milks, frozen strawberries and Vega vanilla protein powder.


Did a little grilling tonight:

Corn time! @psycho_666


You know what? NO…
Garlic bread with cheese on top…



Benefits of having friends in the food business :yum: :ok_hand: