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Post pictures of what you ate!



Improvised kaprese salad with no mozz, zucchini slices with topping of ham an a couple cheeses I had in the fridge.


Prosciutto, brie cheese, arugula and Mango habenero chutney on a toasted croissant


I used the morels we picked to make veggie burger wraps with some nice aged goat cheese on the grill last night:


Olive bread

A salad with the leftover olives

And then poached eggs with garlic yogurt sauce.

And beer, but you all know what beer looks like.


Freshly baked cookies. Yummy!


Give me the recipe please. I am looking for a nice cookies recipe and sadly my grandmother’s recipes got buried with her almost 10 years ago.


I bought the dough, it was really good tho, tasted just like homemade ones.


Fair enough. Not everyone have the time to spend in the kitchen.


I do make my own bread, but that is level 1 kitchen stuff.


Working with dough is never easy, buddy. Baking is a science on itself. I’m not a newbie in the kitchen and my olive bread was a bit underbaked…


Well my bread probably isn’t up to your standard, but I think it matches or exceeds the grocery store stuff.


My standards aren’t as high as you think. If you try my food you will see I am complete amateur, that just enjoys cooking. I’m trying to improve. I have improved, but my standards are not high at all.


I don’t know man, you don’t give yourself credit. I’ll definitely try your food one day.



I hope you didn’t eat this doggo.


I am not really into baking but tried once to make cookies like the ones you did. My only question is what type of chocolate you use ? Whenever i use chocolate it gets melted and doesn’t stay in chunks like yours.


The chocolate was already in the dough when I bought it, it just says milk chocolate.


Thanks for the info so it was a ready to use for cookies dough.


Yep, you just slap it on a tray and bake it for 12 mins.


Technically, yesterday. Grilled steak and tater. Sauteed green beans.