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Post pictures of what you ate!

hmm... i should probably go cook something

considering it's 3 in the morning

poor today, garlic knots for 1.09


Tortilla chips and sour cream dip, followed by a home made burger a few hours later. Lunch of Champs I tell you, champs...

Cucumber Avocado Rolls

Hakka style chili chicken and steamed rice. And tomorrow will be the exact same thing. Damn those giant cheap portions!

Pork fried rice. 

It was tasty. Also, that is a lot more than it looks like. That black utensil is an average-sized spatula. 


That looks delicious

I had some cafeteria pizza, an apple juice, some grapes, a slim jim, and fries. It was maybe a 7/10

Chicken, fried rice, moar mushrooms, and cooked bananas.

so pics though, sorry.

i had some pretty bomb sushi, forgot to take pics :*

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pan fried egg noodle with beef and veggies


Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds, this what my life has become.

Oh my god I love you.

(You may interpret that in any way you want)

A Fatburger, fries and gravy

Not my pic but pretty much what i had

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Homemade pasta salad with cucumbers and fresh mozz!

Fried Boudin Balls

ohhh that looks nice

I had breakfast for lunch.