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Manchurian Candidate confirmed.


I don’t understand how people sleep in clothing.

Bonus: wife used to sleep in clothing, but doesn’t anymore :wink:


full clothes 9/10 nights. 1/10 is topless with pants.




Dude… It’s cold… Don’t cloth shame…


100% nude when sleeping. Very occasionally I’ll sleep with socks on, if it’s really cold.


Related to the poll above, where do you put your feet with your sheets?

  • One foot out, one foot in
  • both feet out
  • Both feet in

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do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around…

that’s what its all about.


I don’t think I understand the question…


Get an electric blanket.


In winter the move is almost always this.



Oh yeah… That’s the stuff…
Now please tell me you drew that by hand just now …


So I have a thought curious if anyone else thinks it’s plausible

The Bear mace incident at Amazon will ultimately lead to:

  • Out of court settlements
  • Amazon gets sued
  • Amazon gets sued and unionization begins

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I definitely wish Amazon workers could/would unionize but Amazon will pour money into crushing any attempt at it.


conditions sound so horrendous, and they’re definitely paying off OSHA and everyone else that can bribe to keep shit going.


They really are terrible… The fact that Amazon can pretty much buy any municipal government (or any level of government for that matter) they choose gives them far too much control. It’s genuinely a good bit frightening.


osha lives to cite employers, they’ve probably been all over this


you mean all over their appointed Amazon Bribe Representative™ for them sweet ass checks?




Shall I try this?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Turnip

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Just a heads up, if rolling don’t turn out productive I’ll just make bite sized mini cakes with it…