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  • Happy Holidays
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Hanukkah
  • Happy Eid Al-Adha

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Oh wow… I was about to make a joke, but the results already are…


hátíðlegur hugins jól!


Eat the whole thing or your a communist.


I am a communist…
And I haven’t made it yet…


So is Macron.


Yeah, but I’m not a president of anything…


Neither is Macron.


r8 my hole

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Square out of 10…


4/10 not moist enough.


Corners that clean? 11/10


Too dry, round peg poor fit.


I refuse to make round holes

  • Square Hole
  • Round Hole

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Depends on what’s going in the hole O_o.


I was curios about those who own TKL and full sized keyboard so here’s a Poll:

*TKL meaning Ten Keyless. A keyboard lacking the num pad.

  • TKL Reposition Center Home Row when typing (reposition for gaming too)
  • TKL Fixed Position when typing or gaming
  • Full Sized KB Reposition Center Home Row when typing
  • Full Sized KB Fixed position when typing or gaming

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The purpose of this poll was to inquire if anybody move their keyboard around while at their desk. For tpying, centering the home row is usually more comfortable than having one arm comfortable and one arm extended, which I would often experience with Full sized keyboards.
Often while gaming, my arms are parallel to my shoulder when my hand meets WASD and the mouse.


Also arrow keys > wasd.


I put my arrow keys on wasd for maximum trolling


My keyboard has arrows and wasd either slightly transparent for the light to pass through and printed in both the WASD and Arrow key position.