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Read something a while ago that if you want a fully loaded vehicle, buy used. A lesser model and the top end model are worth the same in the end. Let someone else pay that initial fee.


you would never buy for more than invoice, so it means a lot.

Not all. Most sell new, never titled vehicles. They are not ‘reselling’ new cars. I am speaking about new cars BTW if that wasn’t clear. Yes, the resell used vehicles but spending more time buying a used vehicle makes more sense, to me at least.

This, is business. Ever retail store is the same way. Why would you treat that as some secret? Also, the invoice IS what the dealer paid for it…EDIT: You would get a big discount too if you bought in bulk. Same goes for nearly every market in the world.

If you buying price is less than MSRP, yes, the savings are passed to the consumer. What little profit is in the invoice to MSRP gap can be gotten by the buyer so easily by doing basic online research it makes no sense to go from dealer to dealer to dealer wasting precious time IF you are at invoice minus rebates or very very close to it.

That makes no sense lol. What really happens is that the dealer sells a car for invoice minus rebates and then after you buy the car they sell you back end to make up for the loss in the front. If you will not buy ANY backend whatsoever (even something like GAP insurance) then the dealer may back out of the deal. There is no dealership on Earth that will lose $3000 just to sell a NEW car. Not a scam, just business.

A lot of people seem to think a sales person always gets decent commission from a sale. Keep in mind, if that sales person gets commission, it’s based on the commissionable gross profit. If the dealer owns car X for Y and the sales person sells it for X-100 that sales guy isn’t getting shit lol. $100 bucks at most.


You’re paraphrasing what I already said.

A dealer, or any business will loose $3000 on a product if that saves them $10000 in costs, for instance by placing them in the next bulk price bracket. It seems like you already have a pretty good understanding of offsetting overhead by selling accessories, insurance, warranties…

Not sure where the disconnect is here.

Anyway this convo…



correction. UK WRONG.


How should I spend my tax return:

  • HTC Vive
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Save it
  • Party it

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Give them to me… I am unemployed and have rent and bills to pay :frowning:


Why shouldn’t I put drinking water in a fish tank?

  • It’s bad.
  • Gay frogs.

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How about that CIA World Factbook…

  • Use it occasionally, it’s okay
  • It’s too biased to consider
  • Why poke the bear
  • Used it once, constantly checking for bugs now 0.0
  • Why volunteer more information than they can get from the NSA anyways?

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We all play compy games here. Do you play anything else? Mobile phone games don’t count.

  • Nintendo
  • Play Station
  • Xbawks
  • Only retro platforms

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If you picked one of the above, how many hours a week, estimated do you play it?

  • 1-2 hours/wk
  • 3-5 hours/wk
  • 6-8 hours/wk
  • 8+ hours/wk
  • I don’t play consoles at all, pleb.

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  • Ultrawide
  • 4k

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For TV shows.

  • Movie
  • Spin-off show

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Install Adobe CS6 in

  • VM
  • Wine

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Why not both?


Is this thread off topic?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • There was a topic?

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Of topic?


Of_ topic

  • f
  • c
  • t

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If you really want to spend it, I’d get a Nintendo Switch. I got one a few weeks ago and it’s the best console in a long time in my opinion. You get both your normal console and portable console in one system. Also, get a Pro controller. They’re way better than the Joy-Cons and they’re cheaper too. In my opinion they’re better than both the Xbox and PS4 controller as well, but they’re a little more expensive.

I have a PS4 and Switch, but haven’t touched the PS4 in a while. Switch is my main right now, and sometimes I’ll hop on PC to play Rocket League or something.

8+ ez.

  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Neither, they both suck
  • Both, they’re both good
  • What are PUBG and Fortnite?

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I have a total of 2 games. Zelda and Mario Kart. Nearly gold everything on MK and getting bored of Zelda. My issue is the price of games and I don’t want to get burned. EX: I’ve been eye balling Xenoblade 2. I hear it’s great…but I’ve never been a fan of 3rd person action RPG. That’s 60 bucks I can’t return if I don’t care for it lol. I’d take more risks but used Switch games are either hard to find or practically the same price as new… :grimacing:

Waiting for Animal Crossing, an actual Fire Emblem (not this dynasty warriors crap) and new Metroid Prime. EDIT: I wish Warioware Gold was coming to Switch instead of 3DS