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Bayonetta 2. Might be $60 but the first game is included as a download, so you actually get 2 games for $60.
(at least if you’re into spectacle fighters)


negative :expressionless: I go into a GameStop once a month for shits and giggles. Pricing on digital platforms has ruined me for the console market :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm…then I don’t know. While I kinda want a Switch, there’s hardly anything I’m interested in. And the $60 retail price for games puts me off too.


Same. I only got it for Animal Crossing. The other games I mentioned so far are a bonus! Oh also hoping a Phoenix Wright game comes out for it too…hoping the used market for those games improves soon. There was a total of 2 used Switch games at my local GameStop a couple weeks ago.


Initially I wanted to buy one for Zelda. But looking at ~450€ (Switch + game + microSD + carrying case) for just 1 game…is not worth it to me.

  • should of
  • should have / should’ve

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Same haha. I’m mostly playing MK, but I only have all three stars through 100CC, working on 150CC still. I’m really happy with Zelda, but I mostly only play it when I have a lot of time (at least a couple hours) to devote to it.

Lots of games I wanna try, but not many that I want to risk the money on at this moment. I’ve always loved the art style and atmosphere in JRPG’s, but could never get into the combat. Mostly I’m waiting for Kirby, which is coming out in like a week, and Super Smash Bros (this one I may drop out of school when it comes out, cuz I’ll have no life), which is coming Dec. 31 according to Amazon. I’m ordering everything digitally from Nintendo though. I kiiiinda miss having a physical collection, but I also like not having to worry about damaging or losing games, being around smelly noisy kids at GameStop, and switching them out each time I want to play something different.

Kind of a bummer that they’re going to start charging for online play, but meh. It’s cheap ($24 for a year, or $4 a month if you pay monthly). I’m hoping they bring out some retro games for Switch too. They’ve done it with like every console they’ve made since the Wii, so they should with the Switch hopefully.

I honestly hope they just dump the DS and start producing exclusively for the Switch. I know the DS is a more affordable option, but think about it…Pokemon on the big screen. Real Pokemon, not the tournament stuff.


It’s coming. Details are scant but there was an E3 Nintendo Direct about it…people are assuming it’s an honest to goodness Pokemon game and not some spin off like Snap! or Stadium. I’ve played 2 Pokemon games in my life. Blue for Gameboy when I was young and Y on the 3DS. Completed Y but never liked it enough to put more into it than that.

I would buy a Pokemon game for the Switch provided it was a full fledged title.

Who still likes Pokemang?

  • Great franchise, still play a majority of them…
  • It’s okay, played main entries now and again…
  • I’m over it, I became an adult decades ago…
  • Never liked it or it’s clones…

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Played pubg until it sucked, no opinion on fortnite besides looking too cartoony/tf2

  • Kewldude should play pubg again
  • Kewldude needs to play pubg again

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I do it if I get coerced by peers.


It is super easy to burn out on, after too many rounds I get super try hard


Autocorrect is an amazing thing


least fucked up, in every imaginable way (climate, politics, hardware prices, policies, housing, food, etc, etc):

  • America
  • north/south pole
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europa
  • Australia

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Get Vermintide 2, I need people to play with in this unforgiving L4D style game. The PUGs that play elves piss me off and I don’t want to play Elf because she is already max level.



  • Order BBQ
  • Go Home (samich)

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What kind of bbq and what kind of samich?

  • Scrum
  • V-Model
  • XP

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Burnt ends (dry rub unsauced).
Mix of regular and spicy sauce for light dipping.

Turkey sandwich

  • Let a stupid poll decide for you
  • Make your own choices, and be master of your own destiny

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I did my research. Will have to convince my group tomorrow to NOT go with scrum. :stuck_out_tongue: