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In school I learned to spell them with u’s in there but all the shader programming languages work the other way so, going the route of least resistance.


It’s because you are, in fact, wrong.


Set the dictionary to “English UK”, done!


“Old-ass Car” (though 11 years old isn’t old IMO) you can pick them up dirt cheap, most things can be fixed with a hammer and screwdriver, and if you do need a part they are extremely cheap.

89 Mazda 323 bought for less then $400 and it was my daily right away, got almost 40 MPG, and 0-60 in 10~ second (quicker then my buddies 2015 Corolla S).

I upgraded from a 4 speed to a 5 speed and it cost me $60 for the trans and less then $30 for a new clutch.

I still have it and I know I haven’t spent more then $300 (Including the unnecessary transmission swap) to keep it going over the 4 or 5 years I’ve had it. And it’s legitimately fun to drive (not in a fast way).

TL;DR: Old-ass cars can go forever, on ridiculously low budget.


Oh I agree good sir. To clarify: “Old-ass” Car =/= Shitty Car in my books. I know they can still be quite useful (and often quite valuable) given proper maintenance. And I also know the term “old” for cars is in fact relative and will depend on where you are and who you ask. It was meant to make the poll sound not-so-serious. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it does. With most newer heating units they can be converted to propane.


if you know what you’re doing


That’s about how I feel after my car buying experiences.

My favorite car was my '99 Cherokee, which I bought with almost 180k on it and it ran like a champ until I drove it from WA to CA and took it off-roading (nothing crazy, but it did get bumped around a bit) a couple times. I would have just kept it maintained except I got a new full-time job and needed a car that was reliable.

So I bought my '14 Fiesta ST with only 8k on it, and I’ve had it for over two years now and I’m up to about 45k miles. It’s been a good car, other than the air conditioning (I forget what it’s called, but it’s the motor to the door inside the ventilation that controls the airflow) has gone out twice now. The first time it was under warranty, but it’s not any more so I’m just living with it because the labor costs to tear my dash apart to get to it are insane.

I love how my car drives, but I wish I would have just gone with something brand new instead of mostly-new. I’ve heard Kia has some insane warranties, so I’m actually considering them next. My dad bought a brand new Soul a couple years ago and hasn’t had any issues with it. Basically, I want to get something brand new and not have to worry about paying for repairs for many years. But I also want to get something with AWD and some power, so I’m mostly looking at the Sorento with a V6 or an Outback with the 3.6l.


Unless you drive in snow and ice constantly, it’s really not necessary IMO. Save some money. If you’re going to get a V6 Sorento, might as well get an entry level Stinger :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI: 19 Sorentos will have 3rd row standard in all trims so wait if you’re thinking about doing it soon. lol


I actually really like the Stinger, but if I’m going to get something brand new then I want top trim (going to have the car for as long as possible, and I don’t want to regret not getting something later on), and the Stinger would cost me about $15k more than the Sorento :confused: .

I’m looking for something about $35k, maybe $40k if* I make more money by then. I’m not actually going to start going to any dealerships for maybe another year. I want to get some positive equity on my car and save up some for a down payment.


Pro tip, no extra charge to special order a vehicle.
And you get the incentives at the time of delivery, so mind when deals start. (November usually).

If they tell you there is a cost or down payment required before ordering its a scam, go to another dealer.


depends on the name brand. Kia does not special order anything due to the way the cars are ordered.

Not necessarily. A Kia dealer might say it costs $500 more because it’s a massive pain in the ass for the dealership so they want to make some profit. Not a scam, tho.


Car sales guys (internet ones included)

  • I trust them
  • I listen to what they do and say then make a decision to trust them and buy
  • I never trust them and spend days of time shopping around for the same new car

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heavily research all options, decide on car, let salesperson convince to go to another dealer to get the same car or not


lol I’ve never understood people shopping new cars everywhere. The price is on the internet, even invoices. Why bother wasting your time going from place to place when you can get invoice minus rebates at the first dealer you go to (although, you will buy back end product lol)


There is much more going on behind the scenes. Invoice means little.

Dealers are resellers, they get better cost from the mfg at higher volume. Those cost savings are not passed to the consumer.

One dealer may sell a model for less to bump their numbers.


I thought the dealerships give the sales agents bonuses?
If so, why not shop around until you get a salesperson who needs the comission for a discount?

[edited… I guess dealerships are similar universally]


Never do a payment or rent. Always better to have immediate ownership.


I don’t disagree. But I’m not in a position to save 200k for a home. So good credit is important to obtaining desirable interest rates and avoid extra charges like mortgage insurance.