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I used to play, and I still log on every once in a while (like two or three times a year), but I chose the “played” option because I wouldn’t really say I play Runescape.


Membership is worth it IMO.

There’s bosses in f2p now though




What should I cook for dinner?

  • Meat Ravioli because I have the ingredients.
  • Risk freezing my balls off and go to the store at -10C and buy ingredients for cheese ravioli.
  • Improvise something else, so I can save my balls.

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Dude, I’d say at least 250 ~ 500 for it be considered a mega-thread, maybe 1000…

100 Can be pretty easy to reach sometimes.


My wife and I both like to game, and gaming solo is no longer an option on my main rig. What solution will save our marriage?

  • Migrate current rig to living room (Glorified Steambox)
  • Build wife an entry gaming PC (Dat AMD 2400G)
  • Become console peasants (Bury the hatchet)

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add “use steam link”


There’s a solution that slipped my mind. I’ll mull it over for the time being.


Not long ago I was watching Fight Club on Netflix. Didn’t like it too much and stopped watching half way through. After few days i came back because i wanted to know how it ends. And to my surprise the movie was gone. I couldn’t find it anymore. I thought once a movie is added to their catalogue it stays there forever.

Crunchy roll reduced the bit-rate of their videos by 60% or something like that to save money. I thought that was a dick move. Does 9anime have 1080p videos? Kissanime got hacked, their servers were wiped and ever since then they upload only 720p. Don’t know why.

Like what? Making babies with your GF?


Nope, they are essentially renting it as a temporary distributor, and once the contract runs out, it’s gone unless renegotiated.


It’s the studio model all over again. Back in what was considered the Golden Age of Hollywood, studios had vertical integration: not only did they own the studio (duh) but they had contracts with personnel, talent, and had their own distribution divisions as well as owning a channel for content delivery (theater chains). This was eventually struck down by an antitrust case, but you can see the seeds germinating again with the netcasters.


9anime has 720p. I honestly don’t mind 720p on anime as long as it isnt super compressed, which it isn’t. after my gpu gets done filtering it it looks fantastic anyways.


Babies are a no-go, but a similar action is one option instead of watching TV.

  • gif
  • jif

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Question: What does “J” stands for? Jraphics?


add the j in front of izz and you’ll have it.


Actually it’s Yif: ;3


It is graphics interchange format, not jraphics


I wonder if future internet historians will tell the tale of the great “gif vs jif” debate of our time.

Like hieroglyphics on cave walls.