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Toilet paper orientation

  • Over
  • Under

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Wait, What?



Is there a wrong way really? Does it even matter?


It’s one of the greatest disputes of our time.


Is this one of those “toothpaste tube from the end or the middle” things, but even more pointless?


I have under due a specific scenario where it is more convenient that over.


Because it’s easier to grab the roll if it’s over as opposed to under.


Come on man… I have a cat.


It’s not pointless though. It’s important to keep up the discussion about how things are supposed to be, otherwise you end up with people thinking there are 76 different genders, and people who think anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi.

  • Randomly squeeze tube
  • Roll tube
  • Fold tube
  • I don’t use toothpaste

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Other is CBS All Access and WWE Network.


lol no I have not.


What dies that have to do with toilet paper orientation?
@kewldude007, you are gonna squeeze everything one way or another, so it really doesn’t matter. It’s like Dark Souls. Your character start a certain class, but you can literally reorient him/her to whatever you want so starting class doesn’t really matter all that much.



Ohhh… I see…


Why does there need to be a Wikipedia entry on this?

Oh OK, nevermind.


On that note…

  • Gibs
  • Jibs

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As in “you blew someone to pieces in an FPS.” Not talking large fowl here.


It’s short for Giblets… Not Jiblets…

OHO, we are getting naughty, aren’t we?


Explanation: But when referring to preparing a large bird for roasting, the guts are referred to as giblets with the J sound. Some meatbags don’t distinguish this from gibbing someone (with the G sound) in a game. Amusement: Oh, I do love gibbing meatbags.

Clarification: If by “naughty” you mean “assassination,” then yes. Observation: Otherwise, you’re just taking my statement out of context in hopes of receiving a cheap laugh.

  • Potato/Tomato
  • Potahto/Tomahto
  • Let’s call the whole thing off!

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