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You know there are kids in China starving for opinion polls. Even opinion polls with just ONE choice. Do the humanitarian thing and just pick the closest response.


commies* in China


=_= Normies? I believe you’re looking for 4chan if you want to paint with that black and white brush.

It’s that way. —>

Have you ever had Mexican soda? It’s good stuff. Not sure how that would piss off your targets. You’re not going to a white supremacist or nativist event or conservative political convention.


I think he’s saying call it Mexican because people will get butthurt that he didn’t call it hispanic, latin-American, latinX, or some other silly thing that people insist on using instead of just calling it what it is.


or that is may actually be made in mexico?


Ya, that’s what I’m saying. But some people seem to think Mexican is like a derogatory term or something, so they use words like hispanic instead.


mmm… Vanilla coke.


Carbonated Horchata?


Milk? Nah that’s old.

  • I revolt at the thought of streamed content, physical or death
  • Netflix
  • Prime
  • Hulu
  • YT tv
  • crunchyroll
  • PS vue
  • Sling
  • cable streaming service (directv now, etc)
  • other service

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I pine for other options though… preferably just ONE FUCKING OPTION with ONE PAY RATE. Netflix is mostly just their own content now, and Prime… is okay. When every other content owner decides to start their own streaming service I’m out, I’ll just quit entirely.

I miss Netflix with, you know, stuff on it that I like that was there before.


“other services”


Until they don’t of course, it runs out, options splinter into ridiculous single options and we’re back to vomitworthy cable options, except now they each have a password and a CC charge all to themselves.



To be fair, most of that is due to big media strong arming the distributors to take their other ten tons of crap and to segment online markets regionally. To be unfair, the rest is because you are just a pawn in the master’s plan.


Oh I agree completely.


Crunchy roll and 9anime



have you seen the Pepsi commercial? I’m dissapointed more people didn’t say Pepsi.


I mostly just watch stuff on regular YouTube.

Used to have Netflix, but I really didn’t use it much so I cancelled it.

I have Prime for the fast shipping, so if I need to watch something I use that. They have almost all the old Top Gear, which I’ll put on in the background while I’m cleaning my room and stuff like that.

I wanted to get Crunchyroll, but I’m not really into anime enough to pay for it monthly unless they had exactly what I want, which they don’t.

Basically, if I have time to sit and watch something, I’d rather be playing video games or doing other stuff instead. The only time I really “watch” anything is having it on as background noise and peeking at it every once in a while, or occasionally I’ll get sucked into a YouTube binge.

  • I played Runescape in my youth
  • I still play Runescape
  • Never played Runescape

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If only there was more F2P stuff :frowning: