Piracy, Media distribution and potential solutions

There’s been a lot of talk recently about where to get your hands on content and how best to consume it. I think a lot of us would be more willing to play by the rules if there was an easy way to get our hands on good quality content.

I’d like to posit a hypothetical to everyone out there:

The year is 2019, there was a dramatic shift in the way media outlets deliver media. All over the world, media companies have started offering reasonably priced season passes to all their media, available either streamed or as a .mkv download. Torrents have all but died out, but usenet is still going strong.

Will you pay for usenet or the season passes?

  • I would pay for all the content I consume
  • I would pay for most of the content I consume
  • I would pay for the content I enjoyed consuming
  • I would pay for more content than I do now
  • I would not pay for any more content than I do already

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If region locks weren’t a thing and media was priced with equivalent values across currencies than I feel like 94% of problems getting electronic media would be solved.


I wanted to start a discussion about this because it seems like there’s a disconnect between the outlets and pirates about what people want and companies are willing to do.

I mean, how hard would it be to make a .mkv available behind a paywall?

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I don’t see that being accepted by the distributors/ publishers.

they still need to realise they are charging too much, hoping the annual cable/TV subscription model was going to last

saying that, some companies are allowing downloads of encrypted content to mobile devices, allowing for limited offline play, so it is not all stream only.

When I have the BluRay on the desk next to me but the bloody software is like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I go and pirate the movie I own a physical copy off because the completly legal solution (contacting support and waiting for a reply) takes at least 5 days. This is called a service issue and could be resolved over night.

Then some of the movies I would like to watch are not that easy to be obtained in exchange for currency. Especially older titles can be fairly difficult to get ones hands on. Service issue, would require some thought and ideally have ONE solution for all media producing companies instead of several half-baked service sites.

Monthly fees put me off. I want to pay for the thing I want, not for many things I don´t use/want.

Bit Torrent is an amzing system to exchanga data. In one project I worked on, we were so spread accross the world that it was easier to just have one global archive via BitTorrent. Was not without its kinks, but it was completly free.


What do you think of Amazon’s video system.
Can rent individual titles, can buy an open ended license (locked into their site of course)
or pay a monthly fee for a limited library

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I like where it’s going, but again, I’d like to be able to download the content rather than have it locked on their site.

I know I’m in the minority, but it’s just my want.


I don´t think much of Amazon to begin with.
I would like to have my media be local so it is not just gone when somone flips the switch.


That’s my concern. Oh, you’ve done something we don’t like!? let’s get rid of all the entertainment content you paid us for.

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Oh ya… we are going out of business. Bye :)~

Seen that many times


Obviously having an open, DRM free version of all media would be best, but I wouldn’t even imagine it’d be accepted by any of the content creators that want to stay in business.

Saying that, we are almost obliged to pay a “tax” to watch telly in the UK, and I often just DVR shows from a couple of chanels, then can watch later.

Only difference is that we aren’t allowed to let others watch the copy- was the same with VCR’s and tapes

is it not possible to un-enroll from the poll?
The post is loaded towards a piracy vs subscription model/delivery service paradigm which I have no interest in participating in. I have no personal beef, just want to undo my mistaken action.

I’m with mazeframe on the BluRay situation.

I don’t want my bluray player telling sony what I watch, so the option is either ripping an MKV from it, or actually playing it and feeling the inner guilt of RMS.

Personal Opinion:
I don’t like the idea of a host owning the media to the point where there is no physical media > I can’t store it locally > it is streamed into my machine in a secure black box.
The Netflix model sways that way. With cable at least there was the VCR. In some ways we’ve made a technological regression when comparing the user’s abilities with DRM media.

I can see usenet in the future ending up the same? I’ve never actually used it - so my comment moreso just beats on the bush about how I love physical media and having my own copy…
[edit: This is less to do with usenet I guess and moreso because physical media is dead]

It’s not fair I didn’t mean to vote don’t like my comment! Sorry I’m an idiot! :wink:

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I agree. I like having access.

So, would you be unsatisfied if you could pay x money for a download (non-drm’d) that you can watch, backup, burn to disk, etc…

Not trying to poke at you, I’m genuinely interested because I understand the argument behind physical media, but I think it suffers from the same risks as a file on a disk. (assuming no drm)

I think my greatest issue is the media these days is the fact that they back their paying customers in to the piracy corner in order to retain and use the media that they have paid for.

All i ever wanted was to be able to retain a copy other than the original and to change the format depending on device so i have it on what ever.


If it had ALL media with downloads, I’d happily pay.


Media companies are very slowly coming around, the biggest road block is they want to maintain control of the media out of fear of piracy leading to locked down platforms that people don’t want to use.

Since this started in the anime thread I’ll go ahead and use manga as an example, digital manga is just barely getting off the ground and was predominantly printed media even though fans have been reading fan translations online for years.

I am happy to say I recently bought 30+ volumes of manga that was totally drm free and available in multiple formats fore to download so it seems some companies are talking a hint.

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Awesomeness! While I’m not really a reader of Manga, I hope this takes off.

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Purchase my music directly from artists which allow copy, change format, and sharing. Cutting out the record label had been pretty nice.

The way I see it , a great shift is about to happen in relation to media. We are even hanging on the cusp of people being able to make and market their own movies completely cutting out the source of a great many ills.

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There is also Japan to deal with, they are notoriously retarded when it comes to international business as we’ve seen with the video game industry.