Piracy, Media distribution and potential solutions

How do you do that?

Hangout on artists sites. Bandcamp is okay but could be better. I usually just ask them directly and save the response. Most do not have a problem with it as long as you are not selling it or giving away the whole work to large amounts of people.

Does not address what is popular in mainstream but I no longer roam in mainstream.

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My ideal system and only system I’d be happy with is having varying quality masters (masters; I basically just mean HD, 4K, HDR 10Bit etc.) available for download {price tier may be appropriate}

Should the customer lose their local copy, or want to stream it again, they should be able to download the exact same file they downloaded however many years ago.
The data should no longer belong to the official rights holders of the media like it does on a traditional streaming CDN. Instead from the moment of purchase, it should belong to the customer.
The media is stored for the user in a private storage pool dedicated to that person’s media. If 1 million people own the same movie it’s no issue as most of them will be in the same region and so will likely have the same copy - so it can be deduped. However should a studio make edits to the film, after the edits apply, only new purchasees should be affected by this, and they will have a different file to earlier customers prior to the alteration.

The idea here however, is that should the studio end up with an evil CEO or motivation from lined pockets to change the ending of a movie, they can’t. It’s not their data, it’s someone elses private property.
The person will have all the liberties they have had with physical media, including sharing the media for fair use i.e a small snippet to compare regional differences, terrible subtitling (like the lame youtube jokers do), or a small fan compilation of clips.

Companies may refuse to publish/distribute on this platform/media rights…

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I’m pretty content with my (shared) Netflix and my parent’s Sky (another provider, it has Game of Thrones^^) accounts.
But then again, some content might me troublesome… I don’t have a BluRay player, nor do I intend to buy one. So, if I were to purchase a physical copy it would have to be a DVD. But then I would miss out on those extra pixel provided by HD.

As for games: I buy everything on sales. My times of sailing the web under a black flag are long over. Besides, I don’t trust cracked games.Or, to be more specific I don’t trust DLLs that are 10% larger than the originals.

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Saying that, one set of players in the content game have adopted the model- I guess admitting they have lost:

Larger PRON sites allow their paying members to download high quality files for offline / later enjoyment.
or so I’ve been led to believe of course…

Probably be cause there are so many large streaming sites they can’t play whack-a-mole with.

Hollywood are not at that point yet, but maybe in the future?

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This. There are so many parties in such a distribution/publishing that most won’t agree to the terms. Which is understandable since the tos comes dictated by the service provider, where custom contracts are more of a hassle to deal with, on a larger scale. Instead it’s easier to just make something like a spotify deal.

That’s probably also why netflix for example, instead of sponsoring movies, in general are making their own netflix exclusives

They’re making their own stuff because of licensing costs to offer a library of movies and TV shows. It’s cheaper in the long run to produce their own content. The side-effect of this is all the netcasters have followed their lead, and it’s beginning to look like the studio system.

Give me physical media. I don’t want to have to pay a subscription for eternity. Let me digitize my own media, or let me get it from someone who will rip it properly, since the studios/publishers don’t want to make it easy. Also, no one’s going to come to my house with a hammer and break every copy of every movie I own. They serve as a physical backup, if nothing else. With digital distribution, your service could go under or be taken over by another company and you lose your media overnight.

And for those that have no problem with digital distribution…

Mel Brooks predicted digital distribution decades before it became a reality. Man was was a visionary and ahead of his time.

I’m not talking about paying for a subscription. I’m talking about paying, say, $20 (for example) for a movie, and it gives you a download for it. DRM free and as long as the service exists, you can download it.

I don’t mind a subscription…

Oh, well then, I’ll just keep buying music on vinyl.

Honestly I don’t care about subscriptions, I just want availability on as few platforms as possible. I will never have seventeen publisher-specific subscriptions just for a few things here and there (IE Disney pulling everything off Netflix next year just so they can lock their content under their own poorly-protected service like everyone else that screws the pooch and loses a few million customers’ data).

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Right? I want some sort of aggregation source.

Sounds like the start of a monopoly

Maybe I should have been more specific.

https://vrv.co/ is a good example. Aggregates crunchyroll, roosterteeth, funimation, tested and a bunch of other paid services into one payment. In a perfect world, there’d be something like this with switches to turn on and off “channels”. I know it’s kinda monopolistic, but it’s that or give me mkvs and I’ll run a plex server.


Oh, well that’s different then…

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i still go by the old saying give me demos for games that consist of material used in launch of said game not alpha beta builds. ( given up most hope in physical copies for games on PC) and for media give me a platform that anyone can add content to (like youtube and others) and can monetize it ( with rights to download and watch with out DRM) can use ad’s for one time views. or could charge a few cents to a few dollars for download depending on content creators wishes. content creators get to foot the bill for bandwidth and storage costs out of what they make. and it is a 1 to 1 price. ( platform can charge current multimedia giants the admin cost of said service as they can afford it.) lets not forget a sense able copyright limit of 10 years then its pretty much fair game.

Are you suggesting a creator should only get ten years to monetize their work then it’s in the public domain?


yup. not just movies but books that are out of print as well and magazines. im all for the creator being paid but i also believe in spreading the works out so all can enjoy/ learn from them as well.( still making a profit is fine after 10 years but allow for others to pay royalty’s so the works can be spread around no matter the platform is also a valid way to make it work.)

mind you this is a rough idea and by no means all encompassing but copyright laws are far to long as they stand now. i am open to debate on the length of copyright I can not say on my own whats long enough but i can reason whats far to long.


Few more subscriptions and it lashes back :man_shrugging:t2:

I would probably prefer having classical “cd key” for the content and it would have to work everywhere, like through linking / syncing accounts to verify and forward everything

My yearly rewatches
Star Wars
The Lord of the Rings

You could combine that with subscription streaming, and it would probably spawn humble bundle crap what nobody actually watches :man_shrugging:t2:


Price is a factor as well. I enjoy HBO shows but watch only one show a season and they want $15/mo where Netflix is only $11, even with the recent price hike. This plus the fact that if I cancel I lose access to what I have paid for isnt really acceptable for me.

i would suggest the ten year limit as above . with a 10 year extension that could be applied for.
after that , its public domain.
the current law (thanks to heavy lobbying by Disney and others, resulting in the mickey mouse protection act in the late 90’s) is life +75 years for copyright.
which means there is still 25 years before Jimi Hendrix music becomes public domain. (he died ~1970). since at least one member of Led Zepplin is alive, that copyright extends until they all pass on +75 years.

this is ridiculous and 100% due to big corp lobbyists tossing money at politicians and
[political rant deleted ] .

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I just wish I could overlap a bit more with subscription services. Right now I pay for Netflix, CrunchyRoll, Hulu, Prime (In addition to BritBox, HBO, and Acorn channels). It’s really frustrating that I don’t have access to more movies with all the subs I pay for.

Then with all those subscriptions, I go and I look for a movie, and I have to pay like $8 to watch a movie once. A movie that came out 15 years ago, they have the balls to say “Yeah, that’s gonna cost you $8, when you could have gone to Block Buster, or Red Box, or whatever and get it for less than half that price”. I think if more of the content was either right priced, or available on the common subscription services, I’d never have a need for a torrent ever again.

Same is true for TV Shows. $3 an episode is about 3-6x too high. When I can just add and delete my HBO sub to watch Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones.