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If there was a netflix for manga I would pay for it in a instant. Piracy isn’t a issue of people not wanting to pay it’s a distribution problem. Same thing goes for Anime. If I want to watch the entire lineup for a season I have to pay for multiple subscriptions. I can’t afford $30 a month and quite frankly the selection offered by placed like funimation or crunchyroll are a joke and their websites are crap.


Yeah I have definitely wanted a digital manga platform but I have not really found much.
Also because of licensing, the highest bidder wins in the American market. In some cases the terms go with the ability to block out any other digital streaming platform even though another group could purchase a license.
Aniplex seems to be doing quite well in distribution but they apply the Aniplex Tax

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Exactly. You’ll find that for 90% or more of the content I have on Plex, I’ve also bought the DVD or tape. I don’t mind buying the content, I just also want to be able to watch consume it in a streamlined manner. That’s why my NAS has a BluRay drive.


Publishers will not admit there is one, I brought it up at an industry panel and it was REEEEE piracy

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Well yes, but some people, such as myself, would prefer our money help the creators more than the distributors, who as previously mentioned, have issues. So it’s not an issue of not wanting to pay in general, but rather, not pay to support practices which in the end just hurt the consumer.

wonders if this somewhat general discussion is slightly off topic :thinking:


I would posit this question:

If I bought and paid for your content on disk or whatever, would you be mad at me if I downloaded (not uploaded) from usenet or something similar?

I think that question would be very telling. I’ve got a feeling that they would be mad about it. I think the problem is the industry (Looking at you, MPAA) have demonized pirates as people who are completely unwilling to pay for content. I’m willing and do, but it’s easier for me to download the (better quality) WEBDL variant from usenet rather than ripping from DVD.

New thread: Piracy, Media distribution and potential solutions


There seems to be quite a few yuri anime this season (^ _ ^)-b


There are others besides Tachibana Triangle?

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OH yeah!

  • Cutie Honey apparently has some (according to my buddy who has seen the first episode, I haven’t gotten around to it yet)

  • Fumikiri Jikan (yet another short, but first episode was pretty good, you may want to just binge it all at the end)

  • Asagao to Kase-san (upcoming OVA)

And Comic Girls has elements of yuri.

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I very much liked the first episode, don’t know if it will continue with the same characters though.

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I’m surprised MAL has nothing on it as far as I can tell, the yargh ing site has more information, but still pretty sparse. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

For newbies who don’t know what Yuri is and didn’t look at TekMonster’s Weeb Dictionary in the OP




Come on, how do you think I got into anime. :roll_eyes:



I love Subaru because every time his name gets said I think of my car. Lmao.


The problem with yuri is that there are so few instances where it’s actual yuri. Instead we get yuri bait like flip flappers. Where the entire show hints at them becoming interested in each other and unfortunately just ends up trailing off by the end of the show. Show me a yuri with same quality and attention to detail as the romance depicted in velvet kiss. A Manga where the romance actually goes somewhere and the characters are shown to be more than shallow cliches.

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Subaru Konoe

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*pssss Yuri Kuma Arashi

But it’s more than just romance. it’s also a discourse about how lesbian are treated by the society. But it’s surrealist, and the first 3 episodes can seems strange to the uninitiated to the style. So you can watch Mawaru Penguindrum first, more easy for newcomers.

You disgust me. Leave.



The price isn’t the only hurdle.
There are hardly any anime on Amazon Germany with English subs/dubs.
And it’s not like German subs/dubs are bad (the studio that did the Kizumonogatari movies did an excellent job, I even recognized some of the German voice actors, so the put a lot of effort in it and didn’t just use inexperienced noobs), it’s just that German (and some words used, often mispronounced Japanese names) sounds really weird in anime and takes away a lot of the atmosphere for me.

hahaha I can imagine.