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Playing with the camera and Sony’s free RAW adjustment software today. Next up is trying to learn RawTherapee since I don’t really want to subscribe to Lightroom just for shiggles. Will adda few more photos as I go along.


My first photo processed with RawTherapee:

Original (down to JPEG of course):

Tips, tricks, insights welcome.


Why does the original photo have a purple hue?


Because white balance was wrong and I corrected it in software. Camera is in full manual to force me to do better :wink:


Just on the technical level: Almost everything seems to be in focus but nothing is really sharp. I would guess this is diffraction. Your settings would help to clear that up. It also looks kinda HDR-ish (the bad kind).

But the main thing is that you don’t have a subject. There is nothing that I can identify as the one thing that you wanted to show me. Every image needs that, a subject.


Been a while since I have been in here or messed with my camera.


So there’s some feedback…

I’ll get settings tomorrow and hope to get some pointers on what’s wrong. I do know I was at 55mm, the max for the kit lens, and I think a rather high f stop but not sure offhand.

Yeah, super high F-stop:



Went snowshoeing for the first time ever yesterday with some folks from a local hiking group and brought the camera with me. The Peak Design Capture worked amazingly well*.

My only irritation coming from trying to eat snacks with my left hand and running my arm into the camera, which is a minor irritation and easily worked around.


@noenken any insights after attaching the settings? F11 isn’t super high but I think it’s rather high for this lens.

I’ve reverted to using auto white balance but the camera still likes things warm it seems, so have been correcting in software.


Yeah, kit lenses are not known to be super robust at all apertures but it might also be a faulty one. F/11 is fine on full frame, kinda up there on APS-C but should still be ok. Really depends on the lens. I do test shots at full F-stops over the full range before I go out to shoot for real with it. #knowyourgear

The first shot of your last post has a really nice background. In that image it looks really blurry on the left with those branches. Might be movement … or the lens.

Todo: On an overcast day -> camera on tripod aimed at a big brick wall as far back as possible while still filling the frame at the shortest focal length. Take a test shot with aperture wide open and then closing down in full stops each shot. Go to medium focal length of your lens, reposition yourself, repeat. Then the same again at the long end.

After that you should have a good understanding what your lenses abilities are.


I also caught this and I’m not sure. I was shooting freehand so it could be me, could be wind, could be a smudge on the lens (I did find one of those later) :joy:

Thanks for the tips, I’ll see about doing that testing soon.


Some new ones from me.

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squirrels sux :B