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Photography from the community



Thank you! I intend to spend time this year becoming a better photographer (especially nature shots if that wasn’t obvious).


Will see about getting camera photos in this post or the next one. Here’s a phone photo teaser:


An actual camera photo!


My first post here so here it goes…
This was shot with my Google Pixel 2XL using an inexpensive Wide Angle Lens.
This is along a Light Rail station. Most of my pics will be City / Landmarks


rtx on




Just good ol’ god rays.


So cool. What country was this taken from?


Charlotte, North Carolina USA

The Light rail is under a year old, and many stations have taken a character to the are and in some cases revitalized it. I have many pics to post but many more to take since I have the Lens now.


I really enjoy the ability to take a zoomed macro-style photo with the camera, even if my subject matter today wasn’t terribly interesting:


Full Blood Wolf Moon


Was out doing more hiking and playing the camera. It wasn’t this dark out, but I like the moody feel of this photo.

I ordered a cheapo tripod so that should help in the future.

Playing with white balance yields interesting results too:

Almost forgot this one. I like it.


This is the popular ‘Jenni’s Ice Cream’ shop that has opened up in the SouthEnd neighborhood in Charlotte. Taken with a wide angle lens on a Google Pixel 2 XL as you can see my shadow in the bottom right. lol


The first picture gives me the metal album cover feels.


Perhaps you know me too well already… :thinking:


Like an idiot I left the DSLR in the car. We climbed out of the fog about 1200 feet up the trail (gain is ~1700 feet).


On the way to/from work in the spring, summer and autumn.


Another IR test.


I went back to my Cityscape roots yesterday.


wE’RE gOinG oN A tRIp iN oUR fAVoRItE rOCKeT sHiP