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Photography from the community



@gtbtk nice view

Took this in Liberia


@gtbtk hate to say this but the pic you posted was a bit too revealing for the forum, in accordance to Rule #1

Though that was a nice shot and that I would’ve left it as is, if not for the rules.


Given that the image contains none of those things I did not consider it NSFW. It does contain a fully clothed partial bodyscape of a genetically blessed model though.

Then again, I live in China, a country where I have many personal freedoms, particularly the freedom from discriminatory and sexist political correctness that so pervades many modern societies that I find personally offensive.

Leave it as it is. I will remove it


I agree with that. Wasn’t a good photo in my opinion but NSFW? Really?


One of the users flagged it. I’ll ask the other mods what they think.


@gtbtk the other mods are also ok about it, like me. Just blur the image out next time so that no one gets the shock of their life :stuck_out_tongue:


That poor bird looks really ragged :confused:


It’s cool bro, post some more, just tell them @tsk said it was fine.


Gonna scare me away from this thread too eh?


Somewhere in Southern Germany


Yeah it does ={


Who am I to deny my fans?

for all the poor shrinking violets out there



Just tooling around with the new lens. This is at 4x magnification on Micro 4/3. Definitely has to be on a tripod. At f16 and ISO 200 the exposure was 1.5 seconds. At f2 the depth of field is so shallow I would have had to make a more elaborate setup to keep everything in place. The black reflection is from the lens, and there are lots of dust spots. I’m just messing around though. Don’t care to perfect it.

Now I need to start getting creative and find some really tiny things to take pictures of.


There is this Japanese guy that takes photos of insects. They are pretty cool shots.


That’s awesome that he’s made his own equipment. I love photographing bugs. Just gotta get out more. This time of year is really difficult to find anything interesting where I live.


I am not talented, to me its all about the atmosphere.

Lower res, because I want none to have the original :wink:


Finally took another hike today and got some more nice photos I think.

I need a better camera…


I have a better camera now, but need to invest some time in learning before I start posting photos.

In the meantime have this one from my hike and mini road trip up North.


Loved these photos especially the middle one! great work!