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Yeah, it always becomes a kind of friendly contest :wink:.


That’s a good way to start off.

I wish you the best with your new hobby! Photography is a great one, I also very much enjoy it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is an image I like as a monitor background (because I already had it copied in here when your answer came):


I got time to kill, may as well upload all the others I can find at the moment : p

My partner liked one of these, but I don’t know which, so sharing both:

A hand-held night shot:

Two hand-held night shots (4s exposure - a testament to the built-in image stabilization!):
Oh right - the big yellow light at the center is the moon

Final two shots on a tripod (I removed some red light pollution from the second):

Edit: resize thumbnails again


Wallpaper worthy


Is the third photo of Chinese/Japanese lanterns?


It’s empty jars painted by kindergartners and put on display for the public all around Sweden.


Nice! I like the lanterns. On the first two I like the left more for the framing and the right one for depth of field. :slightly_smiling_face:


Now I’m browsing through a couple of my photos :slight_smile:


Here’s one at a higher angle. I had one more, unfortunately the bystanders were in focus in that one…


@Goalkeeper some sea puppers for you :wink:


I really like that one with the focus in the front and sharpness fading in the background. I have very little night photographs, more landscapes. For later shots it might be interesting to frame it with the washed out lantern light ending at the top edge of the frame and the background cut away. It’s always nice to experiment.


OK, so you have the option to connect any standard flash, even in multiple ways. That’s good!

I do get the “I wanna make pictures, I’m not into paper crafting” standpoint. If you have the money to simply buy a thing that does the thing, that is totally fine. The problem is that amazon basics thing … is the wrong thing.

Here is why: Those LEDs inside that amazon cube don’t have a full color spectrum, everything will look muddy, greenish and just fugly. You could partly fix that in post but that takes time. And it will get worse over time because these LEDs tend to change color. A good flash has a color spectrum no LED can match. You get vibrant shots right out of camera. You also can overpower any ambient lighting because of the flashes super short burst of light. No color cast from tungsten lights or whatever, no color editing needed.

What I always recommend: look on ebay for Nikon SB-80 DX flashes.
Those will do everything you need and they are pretty cheap because Nikon’s TTL system has changed since those were new. Hook it up via sync cable / cheap RF-trigger / optically and you’re good.



Photos from my trip to Japan, tsukumo in Toyko, and a bar in Osaka.


Visiting family for the holiday and had to get out for a trail run to work off some pie… okay, a lot of pie.


More hiking :grin:



Cute little mushrooms.


I’m home boi’s





Makeshift shoot, working with borrowed gear. Nikon D3300 and onboard flash

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