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Bought the Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio. Trying to see if I can get into product photography to earn some extra cash.

You never really notice how many little pubes are floating around in the air until you start taking photos with a plain white background. Luckily it’s super easy to spot heal.


Did a nice hike in the gloom this morning.


I’m still hella jealous, btw.


So’s my wife :joy::grimacing:


Moar hiking! I need a real camera…


Fucking trash pandas :rofl:


Oh no! :frowning:

You could have bought a used flash and all the cardboard in the world for that.


Ya I thought about doing something like that, I’m just lazy. I don’t have room for a dedicated photo space in my apartment, so I wanted something simple. This thing is super easy to set up and take down. You basically just undo the two velcro tabs on the sides and pull up on the ceiling and everything falls into place. Takedown is almost just as simple. There’s a storage area that sits flush with the rest of the unit for the power cable. It probably takes me about a minute total to set up and take down, and when it’s folded I can just slide it into my closet.

The downside is you’re limited with lighting options because the lights are fixed and the sides are closed off. But you can still hang your own backdrops and the lighting works well for general purpose. I’m thinking about getting some reflectors and velcro that I can set up on the inner sides to alter lighting. If I was going to do anything fancy like Karl Taylor I’d want more space.


Karl Tayler mainly shoots movement with some of the fastest lights money can buy. Other than that he is more businessman than photographer.

Fixed lights means no control. Honestly, that thing is more in your way of getting a decent image than anything else. What’s your camera?


Don’t sweat it I’m using my phone


Olmypus EM-5 MK II


Another hike, another photo :grin:


Nice shot!

I took a similar close up a few weeks ago (different whitebalance between the two)

Edit: resize thumbnails


Some more images:


Here is a photo I made from a holiday some time past: (no editing, no auto focus, no nothing)

(it’s not perfect, but I am quite proud of it :slightly_smiling_face:)


Nice! What camera/lens did you use?


Nikon D200 with 120mm focal length, I can’t quite remember which lens I used :thinking:


I liked the separation of that shot, nice subdued background and good ‘subject separation’.

I’m a complete newbie though, just got my camera a month ago, so maybe someone else can be more constructive ; )


Thanks! Proportions are not quite right, I could crop it a bit, not sure. Moving animals are kind of hard to get right. I try to do as little as possible in post. (But I am very much an amateur photographer. I also don’t know a lot about various cameras and lenses.)

Exciting! How do you like it? What equipment do you use? I like your shot of the glass with the back lighting. :+1:


I always wanted to get into photography, and I thought with a more “point and shoot” style camera my partner (who was a photographer many years ago) maybe would get into it again too. She’s taken alot better pictures than me, but I’ve managed to find a few interesting shots too : )

I found an offer on the Panasonic GX80 with the 20 mm f/1.7 and 42.5 mm f/1.7 for around $800 in US moneys, so I bought it straight away : p

The above images were all shot with the 42.5 mm lens. No post processing, just exported from raw with darktable.

I’m still learning the camera, but mostly use aperture priority and manual control. There are a ton of features to learn, however…