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the flaws are what make new lenses stand out tbh

we’ve been at optically “good enough” for like 40+ years, what you want is something sharpish that creates a subtle effect via mechanical innacuracy

RN I’m looking for a lens that throws circles of confusion super easily and my research is telling me I might have to go with 2/3" c-mount


What exactly do you mean?


Mist over the Oregon Dunes


should have specified, circles of confusion in lens flares.


Maybe take a look at Nikon’s worst lens ever? Or does it have to be round circles?


no, cheap iris geometry is good too.

reason I’m thinking c mount is it’s for a BMPCC, which is almost exactly 2/3" – and cctv lenses typically have really visible flare CoC (and they’re really cheap)


Oh, yeah… that is a problem.

Honestly, there is nothing better than 35mm / full frame if you want to fiddle around with weird lenses like lensbaby, petzval and stuff like that. Also just the amount of available high quality manual options from Nikon, Canon, Leica, Voigtländer, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, Contax, Zeiss, Fuji… all the russion stuff and cheaper third party glass…

BMPCC doesn’t really have any killer feature. Or am I wrong?


main appeal of the bmpcc was the image quality you could get with it in 2014

DSLRs have wholesale caught up in every category other than color depth and dynamic range since then, but it’s still a really nice B camera imo. Also, you can get full frame adapters that work with modern lenses with autofocus if you want.

You can mess around with Bolex Cine 16, Super 8, CCTV, CS and a ton of other small format glass that, to my knowledge wont focus or heavily vignettes to the point of being completely unuseable for video on larger sensors.

C mount has 90+ years of glass, so plenty of variety there.


That is true, if you bought it back then it is worth keeping. :+1:

Yeah ok, I get that to some extend. And on a 1080p camera the lens quality isn’t as critically important.


the lack of raw support or even compressed log (for video) on inexpensive DSLRs makes it totally valid even now imo (you can find them used for 500 or less a lot of the time, wouldn’t get another one at MSRP)

being able to import footage and have the metadata automatically matched to an ACES profile when you’re grading in a multicam setup is a godsend.

yep. granted even cheap industrial lenses are mostly 2mp+ these days

and bolex cine/super 16 pro lenses are usually pretty great


Since I now have the native Nokton Classic for Sony I sold my 40mm for Leica M.


Ross Castle Ireland


here are some shots from my vacation to Germany last June in no particular order.


I think the new job will warrant a real camera…

At any rate, this isn’t an amazing photo, but I did manage to get one without the plane wing in the shot at least:

One of the sunflowers from the front of the house:



An alien Nazi, their everywhere if you can only see past the human shell



Hiked a small section of the Pacific Crest Trail between Tuolumne Meadows and Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp.


Man that looks peaceful AF.


Playing with my new (used) Sony A7ii and lenses (Sony 50mm f1.8 & Samyang 14mm f2.8 Wide angle)