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Ah, yeah. Not sure if that was removed in a Discourse update?

You can still open image in new tab, and it’ll show the original size.


I’m on the latest versions of both?


It isn’t a browser thing. It worked before, it doesn’t anymore.
Same browser versions on multiple platforms/systems.

I know but not everyone does. Just wanted to let you know about it. :+1:


Took the dog out to a park down the road and saw some beautiful sunset colors. At least Iowa has that going for it!


A random photo I got with an incredibly fucked up white balance on my phone. But i thought It looked cool.
before edits

After edits

Im shit at ps and ended up making it worse imo


Randomly snapped this one on my horrible Moto X Play camera while i was cleaning my computer the other day, the intent was to show how well the Strix keeps the dust away after almost a year of use, but i never used it, so here it is.



Aaaaaand, it’s back!


Got my first DSLR, the D3400, last week. Been trying it out (basically just all product shots) and I am really pleased with it.


Making me jealous over here, those look really nice!


Thanks, man. :slight_smile: The photos you’ve got up on here look awesome.


Thanks! I tried taking a few today as we went on a small hike and the day got progressively foggier, but the phone camera just sucks in muted tones, so everything looks washed out. I might actually try my hand at some editing again but GIMP is so different from Photoshop… and I was never great at that to begin with.

Amazon warehouse deals has some nice prices on (older) DSLR bodies but I wouldn’t even know where to begin, so I probably won’t :joy:


Being taken off of a phone, they look great! I could never get that kind of DOF or quality from my phones, but then again I never really went for higher end phones. What are you currently using?

Blockquote Amazon warehouse deals has some nice prices on (older) DSLR bodies but I wouldn’t even know where to begin, so I probably won’t :joy:

I wouldn’t really know either, but if helps I used a Nikon D3400 w/ 18-55mm lens. The D3300 is older but pretty much the same thing (from what I’ve heard) but I think misses some sharing features, just losing convenience really.


Someone is selling a D3300 on CL right now for $350 with the stock lense and that’s awful tempting… :thinking:

I don’t care much about sharing features so that’s not a big deal either. Don’t know if the wife would appreciate more crap lying around though!


I would say don’t. You can get a D7000 maybe D7100 for that price and then use all the old Nikon lenses too. The D3X00 and D5X00 series can only use AF-S lenses because they lack the mechanical connections on the lens mount.


Found a few older photos, all edited to some degree I think (the first may not be, I don’t remember, but the directory it’s in suggests it was).



Me at sea, we get som beautiful sunsets there.


I like your photo. I vicariously explored some foreign metropolis through it.
Out of lack of anything else to do, I then tried to seeing how far things could be stretched before the image looked completely stupid…


Are you… Obama? Welcome to the community lol! Glad you liked my photo. This is an amazing edit bro.


what should i take photos of?