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Anything. Start with stuff around you.


Thanks, I now can’t type without hearing his voice.

Your tone was much nicer in your image.
As a second look, here’s another crop but with a tone more akin to the original.

Weirdly, I just noticed the site changes the tonal nature of the image upon upload. I’ve included a link to what it looks like on imgur. Please check that out… and let me know if it’s different too!
Meanwhile it looks like I should make a wee thread in the site section now…


I used it cropped like that as my…uhhh background. with

With Rainmeter Sound bars too.

I see that the forums slightly desaturates the photo. I like the crops… i still do have the original raw… boy do i need a server or something my hard drive is getting full.


I don’t really like this one but meh.


Very good, I like that crop and had it too. From seeing your processing, I wish it was the one I submitted…

Yes, speaking of hard drive space… Got any spare ones? :stuck_out_tongue: I think photography is a license to buy more and more equipment sometimes.


Unfortunately no spares… I should look for some cheap ones tho… I have an old desktop that would be suitable…

I did get a new lens… equipment is sooooooo expensive lol


Yeah, the building in the lower left corner basically blocks the view. If that wouldn’t be there, you would have a really nice shot.


It does lol *grabs dynamite* Let’s go boi’s


Two cliches in one. Zoo photo + reflection photo.

I actually kinda like how it turned out though.

This guy was following me through the enclosure. Was worried he might try to fly out, but he didn’t go past the end of the railing.

A nice snake.

Street photos are always fun. Unfortunately where I live there isn’t much going on, but i drive to SF or LA every once in a while and there’s more than enough there.

If you feel like there’s not much going on and you don’t have the time to travel, macro is great to get into. That’s what really got me into photography, because I live in the epitome of suburbia and there’s nothing interesting here. So instead of looking at big things, I look at small things; things that people normally don’t pay much attention to or just flat-out don’t see.

I can recommend some good YouTube photo channels too if you’d like.


Spends 2 hours going through photos and picking some to share… intends Ctrl + C
actually presses Ctrl + V.
Notices after closing Photos.



krancy_DirectionalLight_Section3 Edited With Night Mode Enabled
krancy_DirectionalLight_Section32 Edited with Night Mode Disabled

I need help writing a script which disables night mode when lightroom is active. *sighs*
Here’s a leaf.


Ah dead hard drives…



iPhone SE, auto mode, not too bad!


Just another cute cat pic, Lulu and one of our seven cute cats


Recent trip to mexico


Valentines day in my crib.


Wintering flora.


Which one do y’all prefer?


Bottom one without editing. If you remove all or most of the power lines the top is better.