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Patreon Killing it Self off With its Decision to De-Platform Those They Don't Like?


It’s at times like these where blockchain comes to mind.


I watched a documentary and the South Koreans include a professionally shot photo of themselves on their CV. Everyone ends up sending a photo shopped image tho.


I have heard that other countries do this kind of thing, which is totally bizarre to me.


It’s uncommon in the US as well, but for whatever reason there’s a set of people that prefer photos on them.

Relevant education (e.g. college/university), work history, and any relevant certifications/training. Don’t need much else.


I almost never see photos on their CV, but most people do have pics up on Linkedin.


How about we just don’t use it regardless of our race? Aren’t we supposed to be treating everyone the same and all?


No, you’re only expected to if you’re white. Everyone else is a minority and therefore oppressed and automatically disadvantaged and don’t have to follow the same rules as white people :rofl:

It’s a joke. Please don’t report me to the EU.


Not sure what George Carlin has to do with anything. Obviously he isn’t a racist.


Seems to me is the problem is you want everyone to agree with you, Eden, etc when you know that isn’t going to happen. I am sensing a double standard here on this post.


Sounds like communist talk to me.


Yeah, I wasn’t being conformist enough, my mistake, I forgot it was the 1950’s.


Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn’t that put the YouTube in control of Patreon if Patreon is eaten by YouTube? That could very well lead to other issues.


Yeah, that’s why I left it to the joke of things that could happen.

Patreons is used for a lot more than YouTube, so itnwould not happen and anyway YouTube now have their own button thing that does what patreons does.


YouTube has it’s own drawbacks regarding this as well. Aside from the usual pay cut that they get (somewhat understandable to have I guess), they are known for removing videos and whatnot every now and then too.

Of course we know now that Patreon is no longer a viable option if they kicked the guy off of Patreon outside of the rulebook because now it’s like “you never know”.


This is truly the mark of a company that is and wants to continue to do shady shit. This is unfortunate, as they have been a great resource for content creators.


Its like the company that feeds the homeless is corrupt. You can’t fire them without punishing homeless people.

We really need a drop in replacement to fuck patreon in the money maker.


Too late. Tusk and Juncker are on route to your location. Will add Angela Merkel because you gotta have a German on board to actually get shit done.


I can do that? Sweet! :rofl:


It’s much like anything else. If you don’t like the service, actions, abuse, or misuse don’t support them. Sure, it’s good to keep the public informed and I’d say thanks for the “heads up”. This is why i refuse to use Windows 10 for example. I simply don’t agree with their policy , written or unwritten. Actions speak louder so speak loudly in a language only a Corporation can fully appreciate - profit loss. Don’t hesitate to pull the plug. Fat cats need to be reminded where their bread and butter comes from.


This whole thing is hilarious. Patreon bans Sargon for using the N word and spouting white supremacist nonsense. People go nuts over the freeze peach and close their own accounts in protest. Patreon doesn’t care, they are a tiny minority and protecting their business and keeping the payment processors happy is their main concern.

In massage enthusiast Carl of Swindon’s case it was actually a very good thing that they cut off a decent chunk of his outrage income. He’s a professional outrage-monger who can turn a single tweet into a 20 minute rant about the SJeW menace for his YouTube channel. He’s one of the most prominent alt-light figures, a gateway to the far right. Occasionally the mask slips, like it did this time.