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Patreon Killing it Self off With its Decision to De-Platform Those They Don't Like?


i’m convinced you’re a troll at this point.


I give up.


trying to convince one person should not be the entire sum of the thread imo.


And I’m convinced a lot of people in this forum are not people I’d like to be associated with.

Perhaps that’s why we shouldn’t post about politics.


This isnt that easy, they cant get a court order. They have to be given a court order, so patreon (for example) wouldn’t be able to hand out ‘justice’ as they see fit. And court orders can only really be handed out if there is an investigation into an actual crime.

In the US i dont think there there (yet?), in the UK… im not so sure, there was the count dankula case that saw him guilty of making a crass joke, which maybe you could push into removing finances.


Meh, I’ve told my dad he’s acting “like a Liberal” because I know it will set him off. He calls everything he doesn’t like liberal and all that’s bad in the world is because of Liberals.

Regardless of if I believe that or not, I say it to him in the manner with which he would say it. Doesn’t mean I hate “teh libruhls”.

Either way, I think this has gone beyond FUBAR.

Anyone got an alternative to Patreon ideas?


“You’re acting like a bunch of ns, just so you know. You act like white ns. Exactly how you describe black people acting is the impression I get dealing with the Alt Right.”

So he described racist alt right individuals as being hypocritical? I think we are focusing to much on the word its self.


Even if you’re right (and all that matters is what Patreon thinks, we’ll all have different opinions on whether or not he’s racist, but only Patreon’s matters), do you at least admit that there is concern in both any kind of censorship, and how vaguely defined their standard of hate speech is? Those are two good reasons not to use their platform. One is concerning from a social standpoint, and the other of which is concerning from a business standpoint.


You did very similar to what he did just a handful of posts ago. You can’t have double standards. So if that’s racist then so are you by your own definition.

We’re all racist! :tada:


Gonna bow out here:


Finally, now I tell everyone how superior Microsoft Apple is without being accosted.


But since I mentioned them,

I heard Paypal recently gave the boot to them which I think is odd (this may have been posted at some point i’m sorry if i’m restating) but some people are suspecting Paypal and Patreon may have some sort of linked interests.


I will respond to this statement if only to say I am sad that things are so far gone now that a simple disagreement is enough for you to tar not only me because I was the one you disagreed with, but the entire forum. That is absolutely an abysmal thing to actively voice in a thread where the very fundamental purpose is to showcase how completely ridiculous things have gotten.

I am muting this thread before I am tempted to expand on that.


This actually prompted another youtuber to look into filing an FTC complaint.


My mind is fuzzy, but i believe some goals of the alternative systems is to get multiple payment providers to buffer from attempts to remove any of them from their systems.

I’m sure lots of people would like crypto currencies, its a nice idea but honestly i don’t think its mature or stable to be useful. Not to mention most of them just look like pyramid schemes.

The best option is an alternative patreon like platform, or simply payment platform. Really who needs the features of patreon? Something like i think is a good idea, its a payment system. Want more? set it up yourself.

We for example already have forums, there’s a store, there’s the ability to make features just for subscribers. I’ve been thinking more recently that it might actually be better to go backwards on the internet. Run systems yourself, have your subscriber system and rewards on your own site. make payment processors just that, a processor of payments.


What we need to do is invest our time and money into coming up with some sort of viable crypto payment processing, or other p2p payment system. Until that is solved, we will only ever have the illusion of freedom.


I believe some of the inital concern about how fast paypal removed themsevles from subscribestar after patreon banned people is because the person who banned those people worked for paypal for 8 years. Both companies have close ties.


Like I said earlier, Patreon has no secret sauce. You just up and clone them, and don’t either overtly or covertly/winkingly advertise that you welcome the scum of the earth like Gab, and you’re good. Stripe will do business with you.


And this is one of those time where one change leads to potentially many. Patreon fucks up, and now many have to switch their donation source, and creators also have to change and then everyone has to communicate and catch up and then then out of the loops need to be filled in. Yeah no small change and it has people pissed not just because of the reasoning but that it has inflicted work on the end users.

Time for some fun: Patreon cannot be trusted to do its job, this is annoying to my everyday life… Patreon should be handed over to the public good and thus mess forgotten, let it just carry on. Hell, eat them alive and roll it directly into social media platforms like YouTube, that even takes several steps out and no one needs to switch anything except the leadership.


Adding a picture is highly unusual practice in the UK. There’s no reason to put when you went to school, especially as all it does is tell your age. A good CV says all it needs to say and nothing more.