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I am frequently working on different projects. I have mostly failed to make comprehensive posts about each individual one, so I thought I would catalog all of them here in a loose format.

Hopefully some of my experience here will be useful to others and I can elicit some assistance from the community when I run into roadblocks.

That’s it. Feel free to ask questions or offer advice.


OPNsense Router for Colo

Tonight I’m building a router that will go into a colocation rack in a datacenter. It will run OPNsense.

Chassis: Supermicro CSE-515-350

Mobo: Supermicro X9SCM-F

Processor: Xeon E3-1230 V2

NIC: Silicom PEG6I6

Trusty USB for emergencies.

A borrowed I/O shield from a previous build.




Verizon Fios Subnet for Static Address

How unusual is a /24 subnet mask on a public IP? I am dealing with a Verizon Fios connection that has a mask on the static IP. I’ve personally never seen a subnet that large for a WAN gateway.

It’s functional, but I wonder if it’s worth confirming with Verizon whether or not that is correct.


I know of a university that has a /16 public subnet


How do you like typing on that Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard?

And what year is that? It looks way different then the ones being made now.


This is a small business with a standard business Verizon Fios account. I’m pretty sure they only have 1 IP (5 max), but I just haven’t seen WAN/gateway subnets divided into /24s before.

I asked the business owner to dig up any documentation they gave him when the internet account was opened, so I’ll just double check it.

I like it ok. I got it on ebay and it’s a little beat up. The delete key is totally unstabilized for instance. It is a placeholder until I get my Model F redux. I think they’re designed for KVM carts in datacenters so they don’t have to have mice or the mouse gets lost, it’s still functional. There are a bunch of variations on eBay.

The link is somewhere in here:


Thanks. You da :bomb:


Bro. That’s a nice sounding keyboard.

If I get one, I’m removing the trackpoint. I don’t need that.


Mine’s gotten a little clackier with age, but sounds about right. The most ridiculous thing is to have the trackpoint on a 4k 43" monitor.

I might add it to my travel IT kit after I get the F, but I’m afraid it isn’t durable enough. I can see the key caps popping off too easily.


Random Thought

I wonder if it’s possible to get a macOS QEMU/KVM VM onto oVirt. My guess is that the OVMF firmware might present a problem (as it does with snapshotting), but I really don’t know.

I will attempt this in the future. If it is reliable, I could completely abandon ESXi (and my Xserve3,1), which would be excellent.




Apparently it was $700.


Why are they 140 bucks …


That is a good question.

Everything tech related seems more expensive nowadays

But I believe it is expensive because that is an older model. I don’t know if it is discontinued or anything like that.

The chicklet key one,which is the newer one, is like $70ish




I used those Lenovo ibm thinkcenter keyboards in high school.

Those were awesome to type on.


We are both talking about this keyboard right?


No the SK keyboard pictured / videod above.


I didn’t pay that much.


Looking at ebay, its either the shitty island keybeards for 60-80 or the propur ores for 140+