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I think I paid this range for it. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it unless it really addresses your use case perfectly.


Off the top of my head…


I don’t remember it taking this long…



I figured out how to sign device profiles with my Apple developer account so no more distributing self-signed certificates. :tada:

Not sure what happens when the cert gets renewed…


I run a Samba AD DC on a Raspberry Pi 3 at home. I have a script I run to update Samba (downloads latest version, compiles it).

It’s hanging on 4.8.6 configure

[1377/3975] Compiling default/librpc/gen_ndr/ndr_svcctl.c

The CPU isn’t completely pegged, and it appears to be doing something, but it’s hung here for the second time (tried rebooting). Was stuck on it overnight. The process usually completes over a couple hours.

I’ve been doing this since Samba 4.4 without issue. I hope Samba hasn’t outgrown the pi.

Freshclam was eating up a bunch of CPU. Trying again with clamav stuff temporarily disabled. Cleared cache and swap and turned off netdata as well for good measure, although it’s never caused a problem before.


48 Hours of Server Upgrades

2 years of planning and purchasing culminating in the next 2 days.

Stress eating unlocked


Nachos!!! :yum: :delicious:


Is it done yet?


The food or the server upgrades?





Picking car up at 6AM.

I’ll add updates here as I progress.


Who are you Louis Rossman with that keyboard


His rant about the Lenovo laptops was my inspiration for finding it.


Honestly They are probably the best all around, a bit pricey but build quality second to none


Wish you luck.


You got enough Thermal Paste?


Yeah, and alcohol wipes ,and 99% isopropyl and paper towels. I have no idea what kind of TIM hell is waiting for me in those Supermicros. I’m swapping 10 CPUs total. 8 X5675s and 2x W3540s, all replacing E5520s.


wonder how well that sheet crap LTT reviewed would do in server environment, might be worth getting some


Could get wild and try some conductonaut… I think all the heatsinks are aluminum though.

I have kryonaut and arctic silver 5 on hand plus a large tube of something else decent.


I just ran out of my kryonaut and ordered a tube of Hydronaut since its a bit cheaper and honestly isnt that big of a difference

have some super old Silver5 but thats only for shitty builds for other people, its still good but gotta pay for that brand name