Official Nintendo Switch Discussion and Updates Thread

It's not really negativity towards it. More I think about it, less I think of it...
IDK, could be just nitpicking, but I remember the WiiU... It had like 5 games a year, aside from the Nintendo titles...
Honestly, if this thing starts with backwards compatibility I would love to have it.
If it starts from scratch - for me, personally, Skyrim and Zelda are not enough...

No it will have the eShop / Wii store stuff on it. Garunteed.

If this is actually real, this could prove an extremely compelling console, and anyone who has known me for any period of time knows how much I hate consoles.

It looks really impressive.

Actually a fairly interesting concept. Probably doomed for failure but interesting none the less.


If it comes out and is as good as its advertised to be, I'll buy one.

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same. Possibly.

Depending on the hardware platform it uses, I don't think it would be at all unreasonable to have it dual-boot into Android. If Nintendo did that, they'd finally have a shot at the real tablet market. But that's a pipe dream imo.


OMG, is that a 3D Mario game!? Not like 3D World Crap.

Well, the good news is, it's a hybrid, was actually hoping that, but I wouldn't complain if it was a home console.
Bad news, the detachable controller idea.

But otherwise, this appears to be a superior Wii U. My only concern now is it's performance, cause we all know Nintendo on that, I hope it's a little bit better than the Wii U.

Lmao dual boot Android and allow third party apps without explicit Nintendo support? Good joke.

But that actually hits the nail on the head here. Third party support. Nintendo hates that and it will be one of the many factors that makes this the Wii U 2.0

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Nintendo is pretty well-known for being excellent at squeezing absurd amounts of performance out of otherwise-unimpressive hardware. The Wii ran at 50/60fps (in 2006) on a powerPC from 1998 and a GPU from 2004, the Wii U can drive some games at 1080/60 on its R700 GPU. I would not be surprised if they were able to optimize their games to run well on a tablet with a decent SoC, especially if Nvidia is involved.

If Nintendo dropped the whole proprietary bullshit nonsense, they'd be emperor of the world by now. Only reason they've been suffering so much in the past is that they're trying to be Apple in a stagnant market and they won't seek to enter other markets. If they did, they wouldn't have any problems.

If Nintendo, with its sheer programming abilities and resources, ported the old Wii games to the PCs to run directly on DirectX and OpenGL, you could probably run them at 4K60 with very modest hardware. They can already do it through emulation and it's no problem at all. Nintendo would make a mint.

But they won't.

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Tbh I think Nintendo should just drop the hardware all together.... Just focus on the games.


Please be Tegra X1, please (Tegra X2 or P1 is too unrealistic for it's price).

Just like Sega... Sonic is doing so well now... But they do other stuff... Aliens colonial marines...

Zelder Scrolls: Hyrim

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Absolutely this. Pokemon Go should have shown Nintendo that their hardware is irrelevant and worthless, and is actually a detriment to where their value really lies - Nintendo's intellectual property. And it should have shown them that the way to reach the masses is through the mobile market, not through their own platforms. A few months ago, if you asked my mom anything about Pokemon, she wouldn't have a clue what you're talking about. Now, dozens of people I would never have associated with playing video games, let alone pokemon of all things, are all over it.

If Nintendo didn't glean that much from Pokemon Go, they're fools imho.


They also did Alien isolation... Remember they do a lot of other stuff too and with Nintendo's games and rabid fan base they'd be in an even better position.


Well, the NX hardware looks nice.

If only getting high end SoCs (ARM or x86) were easy to obtain, I was thinking of getting an AMD Merlin Falcon, or better yet, a Zen variant of it when it comes out. Or maybe Intel with their Iris Pro too. Then we could build ourselves a system similar to the NX. But it looks like I can only get that stuff if I were a business or something like that, it isn't for consumer unless I buy an older SoC.

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You could be right though... Look at Pokemon go... Like a trillion people are playing it...


Ahem. PC had AFFORDABLE 3D acceleration the same year the PS1 came out, and arguably had 3D games as early as 1980 that used vector rendering to produce 3D environments. We also have to stretch the terminology of "Personal Computer" for that since during the early 80's your PC and console would be using the same media to play games (I.E. cartridges or tapes).

So in the end, they both had it at the same times. Isn't history fun? :D


So, apparently the hardware in the Switch console is going to be a Pascal-based Tegra processor

Nintendo Switch is powered by the performance of the custom Tegra
processor. The high-efficiency scalable processor includes an NVIDIA GPU
based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce
gaming graphics cards.

So it will be a custom ARM SoC with micro-Pascal. And this is coming straight from Nvidia's website, which also has links to Nintendo's page on the switch. So this is no rumor as I immediately thought.

This could be very interesting indeed. I've never heard of Nvidia making GPUs for traditional consoles before (which may show how limited my knowledge is - if there ever have been any let me know), so in theory this could absolutely be an Android-capable tablet if they wanted. I mean, it's no secret that Nintendo has been using the Linux kernel for their operating systems for years now.

What impresses me the most is that they're just announcing it now, less than 6 months before its release. Who saw this coming?

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