Official Nintendo Switch Discussion and Updates Thread

That is kind of an issue though...
The PS2 and 3, and NES, SNES, etc was successful, because they was cutting edge and was able to stay ahead of home PCs for years.
Now we have tablet CPUs and GPUs, that are out of date before they were released...
What will happen with this technology 2 years down the road? It will be more outdated than the WiiU is today, 5 years after it's release...
I am not happy about Nvidia's chips. But u guess there isn't much of a choice really in that area...

... thats the new zelda game, which looks amazing btw

why would you want to play skyrim on it? I don't see the point.

You serious?

Thats not zelda the item models + textures. They had the zelda game at the start but watch until later.

Yeah. Take skyrim, which everyone loves, now put it on a handheld. People I know around where I live have wanted skyrim in their Vita or something similar for forever and they haven't had that. It may not seem that big, but thats a big sale.

No they where not, they had better games.

PS was behind dreamcast, but had better games.

It's all about games man

Dude, I will not stop playing Skyrim on my PC to buy it again and start from scratch on the Nintendo...
No. This 5 year old game is not selling point at all... It's a bonus, but not major selling point.


Its a difficult enough game to have run at 60 and look decent. This makes it all the more accessible. That accessibility makes it a huge seller, not to mention the fact that its the perfect tech demo.

You wait.

But for people who do not currently own skyrim.....

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PS1 was 3d when PC was sprites. PS2 was touted as a powerful systems and was more capable than the PCs at the time. PS3 and the cell still packs a punch...
PS4 had outdated cpu and mid range gpu. NX is a tablet...

Oh thought you were talking about the picture, my b

still....why do you think skyrim will be a big player? They need more games, better and cheaper old school games. Hell a major selling point is if you could play everything from gamecube and up on it. Then release game packs for 40 bucks of old Snes and nes games with good emulation unlike whats on their store.

Then they need to start cranking out the games, they have great ip.... they just don't know how to use it. Also let ppl fucking share gameplay on yourtube.

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At that people who buy nintendo never got that game.

Most people, that got Nintendo also have PCs. PC for standard games and a WiiU for Nintendo games and you are set gaming wise...
Still... It's something... I can play Skyrim at work now... I could do that with the shield a couple years back...
Wait, did Nvidia just rebranded the shield as Nintendo Switch? It can stream games to the tablet, it play PC games, made by Nvidia, etc?

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If they do it right, itll be fine. People play the 3DS on whats essentially a potato screen, but its still popular.

there isn't a convenient way for me to take my PC around with my, tablets are.. not great, because there never made to play games. So this seems to be essentially the ubuntu phone with convergence (plugin its a desktop, unplug its a phone), got gaming devices.

Maybe itll work, If they do it right, because there isnt something like that right now that i know of?


Read above. As an opening game, ES-S is a great tech demo and it shows what can be done. Right now nintendo needs IP like this to get back in the game. If you go on youtube and search "The Life of Satoru Iwata" you can also see where the company has been heading since the gamecube. What they need is to expand their hardware just a liiiiittle bit more to be perfect. GTA, skyrim, if more common titles can be added ON TOP OF the nintendo titles..... ADD TO THAT EARTHBOUND?! Oh dude yeah I would buy this thing in a heartbeat. Speaks to me. Earthbound, Skyrim, Mario Kart, Splatoon... I'm a console guy at heart. Its only within the last 6-8 years I've been playing PC more and its because of CS and Hitman tbh...

No this is big. I know that none of the PC guys here see that, but this is really really big. An Oblivion port.... Having the power to run Skyrim also means that there is room for ES6. See where I'm going here?

Yes, there is... It is called Tablet. Yes, the games are not there... I am not sure the games will be on the switch as well. Skyrim is not a selling point to me, and if there is problematic backwards compatibility... Well... We shall see... I not verified optimistic though... I like Nintendo, but this one is weird to me...

Don't get me wrong, I see the benefits of that thing. But it's just a tablet with controller...


Yup. Exactly. Its a tablet with a controller made with gaming in mind. Honestly, it sounds like your just nitpicking. Just from the announcement/trailer video, you can see it does more than "just a tablet". Not sure what all the negativity is about, its just a piece of tech.

No idea if Nintendo will pull it off properly, they always seem to do something to cripple their stuff, but there isn't something that does that. If tablets did, id be using my tablet for a lot more gaming.

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No the console is the tablet I'm pretty sure. Long story short the allegations of nintendo and nvidia don't make sense to me as they have an AMD hardware license for another 3 or 4 years so they can buy any APU they want, really whatever they need. The idea that they are using the game streaming stuff automatically making it nvidia hardware is kinda silly to me, though I won't factor it out.

What it sounds like to me, and this is in following nintendo's logic, they had the gameboy and the "Nintendo"/ famicom line. The gameboy outlived the Home console line and kept them up for a year and a half where the gameboys were replaced by the gamecube for a bit until the DS. When the gamecube flopped here they focused hard on a better gamecube and make a separate division to focus on the DS (and evolve it, make hardware changes, try SoC's, ETC). When tho new hardware was available they had the wii and the gameboy area was shutdown near that release. 2 Hardware IP's gone now. So now we have the Wii and DS line from 2004 (DS) and 2005 (wii) until now, 2016, and they are running out of space on that stuff. They know they want to do handhelds as the handhelds are wildly more popular in Japan (the reason Monster Hunter 4 was on DS) (Also the Vita is shit here, but on fire in japan, so its not just nintendo its everyone there), but they want that home console availability. They can now do that with present technology.

What I tried to point out on the podcast was that Nintendo is both joining modern hardware but also, as usual, taking it a bit farther and changing how it works. They always want to do something different. A while ago, 1 or 2 years?, the NX was leaked and it was chatted about that the NX would stream processing power to other NX's when not in use. This was seen in patents as well as it would bee that tablet with separate controllers on a dock of some sort. I'm going to bet that the dock not only goes to the TV and all that obvious guff, but that they kept the "Cloud" feature in and theres an ethernet port on the dock. That way when the NX is in sleep it can be pushed to the cloud rendering stuff and not be hindered making games like skyrim and others all that more enjoyable.

Also it has carts. Another nod that this is the next "Handheld" but also the home console. This is exciting hardware development wise I can't wait for the podcasts I listen to, to come out this week and talk about this.

It might not be a selling point for you, but for others it might be. It's subjective.

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