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New AMD 5950x Build

I finally pulled the trigger on a 5950x CPU.

I am using a AMD 5950x CPU, HAF XB case, MSI X570 Creation motherboard, 32 gigs of GSkill Ripjaws 3200 speed ram, Asrock Phantom Gaming 5500xt graphics card, and a 500 gig Sabrent Rocket NVME PCI 4.0.

I going to install Debian Linux 11 Bullseye. I really love Arch Linux, but for a daily driver I want to concentrate on tasks, and not keeping up with the rolling release.
I will post more pics and info as I get this together.


Neat! Have fun with your PC. Are you planning to do curve optimiser stuff?

A note on the side: Personally, I’ve had far more issues with Debian and Ubuntu than with an Arch based distro like Manjaro :joy:

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Sweet case as well. Isnt that rack mountable?

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Nice build, what do you plan to use it for?
As far as Linux I typically use Mint Mate or Ubuntu Mate these days. I didn’t have luck with vanilla debian before and things like Arch are just a pain in the neck.
Is there any reason you went with 3200Mhz ram vs 3600mhz?

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I already had the 3200 speed ram left over from when I put 3600 speed in my home server.

Cooler master calls it a LAN case. It has handles on it to carry around.

I really like that case…180mm fans? Very unique.

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Makes sense. I do like the LAN case too, one of my friends had a case like that some years ago. I have the smaller ITX version and that used to be my HTPC and now the case is unused.

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I have 120mm Noctua 3000 rpm fans. There is room for 140 mm fans in the front.

I also put 2 80mm Be quiet fans in the bottom rear of the case.


This case has lots of hard drive options.

I added a 4 drive SSD backplane.

It came with 2 hot swap bays.

I’ll probably add a Blu-ray to the empty 5.25 bay in under the back-plane.


Hmmm, motherboard is rad. Not a fan of MSI’s uefi interface but having built a Broadwell based system with them in the past, they are worth it. Only gripe I have is lack of USB 4 (ThunderBust 3+) on the rig, but am hoping for add in cards in the future that would give that functionality. Might I ask what you’ve upgraded from? Additionally, how long is the system meant to be utilized?


My main rig.

:flushed: You went from that? Heh, just wanted a side piece I see. Going from Zen+ to Zen_3 will be noticable and quite capable. I asked only because I’ve gotten parts recently from local deals where people people are going back to laptops (with high refresh rates, m1 and that class of performance) or downsizing to iTx based cases and boards and buying breakout boxes for peripherals. Still cannot tell where the computer user base is headed, prices are making purchases unfeasable. Sorry for the run-on, seems you’ve got a purposed built rig. :+1:

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I have a similar setup going as you may know, down to the HB Evo case and a Blu-Ray drive on the way :grinning:

My HB Evo case has been through moving and storage so I had to clean it up and look for parts. I actually have 2, got one for Christmas a couple of years ago. I holds the remains of an x299 build where i spilled a little coffee near the chipset - it fried the board :skull:

I really like the “hot swap” bays - great mechanism. I am missing a pin from one of the trays so I cannibalized from the other case, will try to order replacement. I also ordered a second MB tray.

I have the ASUS x570 Creator board and a Noctua Chromax D15S

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All done. I added a small upgrade.

I got a Asrock Phantom Gaming 6900xt video card.


A nice little upgrade :muscle:

I have the lowly 6700 xt - just getting used to it now.

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I was always in a bind between the Silverstone Grandia 08B and THAT case
That Coolermaster was never attainable, at pricing I’d like [w/o being sold out]
Enjoy that package of mayhem… I feel I need to inject some nonexistent jealousy somewhere

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Debian 11 was a bust. The installer kept hanging. I’m on Arcolinux until I figure out why it is a problem.

I just bought these fans and returned them. They are atrocious when it comes to any static pressure. They were way worse than the stock thermaltake fans on my Ultimate water 3.0.
I am about to try some Arctic P-12’s tonight and if not I am getting the Thermalright fans I just found out about.

Corsair makes both high static pressure or high volume fans. The ML120 corsair are the best of both worlds.