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Threadripper 2950x Gusto Build

I just revamp my Rig. Still a few things to tweak, but I am pretty happy so far.

Asus X399 Zenith Extreme 1st Gen
AMD 2950x
GSkill Trident Z RGB 3200 64 gb Dual Channel
3 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500 gb
2 Sappfire Radeon Vega 64 8gb
Mountain Mods Extended Ascension Case


HA and I thought my Thermaltake X9 was big…

More pics and layout of your case and computer Please! What do the bottom two sections do?

The bottom 2 sections are 9" pedestals. They are just there for height and I bolted rubber castor wheels on the bottom. One really cool thing they have are these hard drive brackets. Mount onto 120mm or 140mm fans.


Awesome looking behemoth :slight_smile:

That is a pretty cool fan mount / hard drive mount!

I added another 32 gigs of ram, and got another 500 gig M.2 NVMe drive, and picked up another Vega 64 card. I am waiting on the GPU water blocks and back plates coming from Europe. Once I get hardware in place I’m going to try to put my OS on a RAID 0 NVMe. I got to sort through the guides on how to set up a bootable RAID 0 on Arch.

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That is magnificent. I don’t use that word regularly.

What do you do on the system?

For the most part, my PC is a big toy. I game a little, and I do a lot of research for my work and personal stuff. I build a HEDT every few years. Last 4 months, I’ve been learning Linux. And I am loving it.


Nice dude, welcome to the dark side. Cool to see ArchMerge is still a thing. Looks like it’s evolved into the OS you’re using at the moment.

I bounce back and forth on Arch, have it on a laptop now when I need to do stuff away from my desk:

How is ThreadRipper?

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2950x is a Demon on Linux. My only problem is my Wraith Ripper Cooler covers the top PCI-E slot. I got a bunch of water cooling stuff from my old system. I bought another Vega 64. When the GPU water blocks get here, I’ll add the second card and water cool the the whole thing. I really like Arch because it is geared to make you learn for yourself. Arcolinux is just awesome.

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I finally got my water loop installed. The CPU and both Vega64’s nice and cool.

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looks sick af. is it a custom server chassis? seems like it.

All done except the wire management. I ordered some cable mods, still waiting on those.
I added a 3rd radiator in the top.
I finally figured out to install Arch Linux on 3 NVMe’s in RAID0.

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